"GBi1S"-Project                                         "Flügge"-Project
(FKZ: 031B0966                                          (FKZ: FLU-2206-005)

"We will be dying from antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections in a decade" says Edith Heard,
Head of the EMBL. Every year, more than 7 million people die from infectious diseases. Of these 1.27 million are affected by the development of resistance to antibiotic classes alone.
 Rapid and cost-effective diagnostics are essential to prevent many of today's infections that are insufficiently treatable today.

BugSense is developing a patented, paper-based test with a software readout function for diagnosing infections and antibiotic resistance in one single step. We aim to offer a simple, cost-effective and accurate alternative to lengthy and expensive laboratory diagnostics. The BugSense test provides within one working day information about the presence of an infection, the bacterial species and concentration and possible antibiotic resistance. We visualise bacterial growth by colour-coding the pathogens. Our diagnosis enables timely, efficient and personalised therapy decisions.  With our test, we expect a reduction in
complication rates of severe infections, a slowdown in the development of antibiotic resistance, and relieve the burden on the healthcare system. In addition,
the BugSense test reduces sample logistics and the use of expensive specialist staff through intelligent image analysis.

Contact: Oliver Hayden (oliver.hayden@tum.de)