Biomedical Acoustofluidics

Our focus is on the application of label-free fluid and particle manipulation to biomedical sciences for developing novel characterization, diagnostic, and treatment platform technologies. Our special interest is in applying piezo-acoustics and automated microfluidic analyses to enable feedback control systems for pre-clinical and clinical life science tools, in particular to enable a quantitative understanding of organoids and tumors in complex micro-environments.

Group leader: Bettina Sailer (

Live Tissue Analysis

The processing and sensor-based, dynamic analysis of live tissues is essential to meet clinical demands both for in-vitro settings (e.g. for diagnostics on explanted human samples) and active implanted devices in vivo. Ideally, this means immediate translation of biomedical engineering developments to improve therapies.

Group Leader: Martin Brischwein (

Single Cell Analysis

Our research focus is on the integration of biosensors, single cell handling, microfluidics and immunological targeting in Lab-on-a-chip based platform technologies for single cell function testing.

Group Leader: Mathias Reisbeck (

Label-free Imaging Cytometry

We implement holographic imaging and microfluidics for high-throughput biomedical applications with minimum sample preparation.

Group Leader: Christian Klenk (