Microfluidics laboratory for chip production


Microfluidics allows for precise control and liquid handling at the nanoliter regime. With 3D structures and channels at the size of a single cell scale, we address emerging fields such as precise cell manipulation, droplet microfluidics, and miniaturized Lab-on-a- Chip cytometry and analytical devices based on acoustic, optical, magnetic and impedance platforms including but not limited to:

• Parallelization with low volume consumption of biological and chemical assays
• Flow cytometry
• Droplet microfluidics
• Cell manipulation and separation
• Lab-on-a-Chip
• …

At TranslaTUM we offer an environment (Laminar Flow Modules, Cleanroom ISO-5, Spetec® Germany), which allows for rapid fabrication of microfluidic devices and prototypes for experimental setups including but not limited to:

• 3D printing (SLA based)
• PMMA Micromilling and micromachining
• Photolithography
• Direct Laser Lithography
• PDMS Soft Lithography
• CAD Design of prototypes and microfluidic devices
• Precision liquid handling (displacement and pressure based)
• Surface functionalization and modification



Equipment microfabrication lab


Equipment for rapid prototyping:

• 3D printing platform (Form2, Formlabs)
• CNC precision milling platform (Diadrive 2000, Mutronic)

Equipment for microfabrication:

• Spin Coater for Photoresist (WS-650Mz-23NPPB, Laurell Technologies)
• Spin Coater for Polymers (WS-650Mz-23NPPB, Laurell Technologies)
• Direct mask-less Laser lithography (Dilase 250, Kloe)
• UV Exposure for standard masking procedures (UV KUB2, Kloe)
• Upright Microscope with high-speed camera (DM3XL, Leica Microsystems)
• AutoCAD Computer
• Oven and Hotplates (Memmert)
• Stereo Microscopes
• Surface chemistry

Moritz Leuthner (moritz.leuthner@tum.de)