Magnetic Flow Cytometry

We have developed magnetic biosensors incorporating magnetophoretic single cell manipulation and in-flow detection of biological specimen by magnetoresistive sensor devices. Mimicking cell rolling, as found in endothelial vessels, our approach allows us to perform highly specific and sensitive single cell characterization.

Quantitative volumetric information, immunomagnetic binding capacity, and morphological parameters can be obtained on a single cell level even in complex biological matrices. Thus, our integrated approach allows for minimized sample preparation effort and analysis in a native cellular environment such as unprocessed whole blood.

We further work on the workflow integration of biosensors and microfluidics in total analytical systems. In this way we achieve the translation of Lab-on-a-Chip platforms to the preclinical and clinical applications. We have developed an adaptive and scalable particle enrichment concept to overcome the spatial resolutions of biosensors.


Literature and topological reviews:

Magnetic fingerprints of rolling cells

Hybrid integration for magnetic flow cytometry

Magnetic diagnostic systems

Microsystems for single-cell analysis


Contact: Moritz Leuthner,