Facilities: Not quite finished yet

Main lab

A part of our main laboratory is used for cell function analysis in undiluted blood (magnetic flow cytometry) and for imaging haematology with microfluidic systems.

Cell culture lab

Cell and tissue cultures are handled and propagated under sterile conditions in safety cabinets and incubators for the maintenance of controlled cell culture conditions. This is basis for the development of new functional tests on various types of primary cells – ranging from blood immune cells to heterogeneous, patient derived spheroids.

Microfluidic / Microfabrication lab

The Microfluidic laboratory for chip production is still under construction. Our microfluidics and chip production is currently still outsourced to the Chair of Circuit Design (formerly Chair of Technical Electronics (LTE)).

Acoustofluidic lab



Bio2 prototype testing lab

Laboratory prototypes and in vitro diagnostic systems can be tested in our Bio2 lab including samples from Covid-19 patients.

Machine shop