Making Trees Talk...

By using technology, we aim at precisely understanding the world of plants and thus contribute to the ecological sustainability of the planet!

contact:  Giancarlo Foderà


Implantable in vivo sensing solutions are developed in close cooperation with the clinic of orthopedics to support therapeutic decision making. We aim to monitor the environment around the implant and provide information on inflammation and infections in real-time.

Contact: Chris Dillitzer (
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The aim is to develop a system for early detection of patients with cardiovascular risk.

Contact: Christian Klenk (


Paper-based diagnostic device for UTI diagnosis and antibiotic resistance detection.

contact: Oliver Hayden (

Mango Medical

X-Ray Technology for the 21st century

Patient specific medical data is abundant.
So why is it not used for everyday procedures?
It is time to put technology to work.

Contact: Adrian Kilian (


The Xicles group activities are focused on new fluidic approaches facilitating the formulation of novel bioinspired cell-membrane nanovesicles with tunable physiochemical features for the targeted intracellular delivery of therapeutics.

Contact: Morteza Kafshgari (