Talks given by Oliver Hayden

06.02.2024 - Berlin
Translationale Forschung in der Personalisierten Medizin – Chancen und Hürden
Netzwerkveranstaltung für geförderte Projekte der „Innovationen für die individualisierte Medizin“ und der „Translationsprojekte Personalisierte Medizin“
"Intelligentes drahtloses Implantat zur Infektionsüberwachung (SWi2M)"

26.01.2024 - San Francisco
SPIE 2024 - Conference-Chair: Label-free Biomedical Imaging and Sensing (LBIS) 2024

14.11.2023 - Düsseldorf
MEDICA 2023 - "MLF: Advancing point-of-care diagnostics of immunothrombosis biomarkers with imaging flow cytometry".

22.09.2023 - Wien
Symposium Honouring the 80th Birthday of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Franz L. Dickert: "Cell diagnostics – how molecularly imprinted polymers paved the way for clinical cell diagnostics"

03.08.2023 - Munich, TranslaTUM
11th Summer Symposium CACoM SS23 - Advancing Healthcare through Innovative Technologies and Computational Medicine: "Motion control of blood cells".

05.07.2023 - Salzburg
ÖGLMKC - Symposium new Technologies: "Tools for POC and Acute Care Diagnostics"

18.04.2023 Martinsried
BioM Sino-EU workshop: "POCT for cancer?"

05.04.2023 - Munich, TranslaTUM
Conference - Novel Technologies in Global Health Diagnostics Meeting (DZIF): "New Diagnostics for Global Health (not limited to LMIC)"

28.02.2023 - San Francisco
SPIE 2023 - Conference-Chair: Label-free Biomedical Imaging and Sensing (LBIS) 2023

10.11.2022 - Online
10th Annual Sensors in Medicine 2022 Conference (Keynote Speaker): "Diagnostics without logistical barriersDiagnostics without logistical barriers"

28.09.2022 - Munich
5. Münchner POCT Symposium: "Platform technologies for cell function diagnostics"

10.09.2022 - Munich
TEDx TUM - Talk

22.06.2022 - Online
Cancer Diagnostic Technology Summit 2022: "Point-of-Care Flow Cytometry Methods to Support Clinical Decision Making"

10.06.2022 - Munich
Stratec-Workshop: "What will remain after Covid?"

11.05.2022 - Bilkent University UNAM - Online
NANODAY 2022 (Keynote Speaker): "Developing clinically-relevant in vitro diagnostics"

23.09.2021 - Leipzig
AMS Innovationsforum (Keynote Speaker): "The right Biomarker for the right Point of Care Application"

16.11.2020 - Zürich-Dübendorf
Poolsitzung at the Empa (Keynote Speaker): "Go with the Flow - Cell Function Diagnostics in Microfluidic Systems"

02.02.2020 - San Francisco SPIE 2020 - Conference Chair: Label-free Biomedical Imaging and Sensing (LBIS) 2020

23.01.2020 - Frankfurt
Meeting of the ProcessNet-AMA Expert Group Measurement and Sensor Technology: "Moonshot Electrical Engineering @ TranslaTUM

10.01.2020 - Herrsching
Research Retreat of the Faculty for Veterinary Medicine: "Go with the Flow"

11.12.2019 - Singapore
ICBME Conference (Keynote Speaker): "Go with the Flow

06.12.2019 - Munich
Speech at the General Assembly of the Association of Friends of TUM: "TranslaTUM - a place of encounter for translational research

11.10.2019 - Vienna
COLLOQUIA IN CELLULAR SIGNALLING: "Electrical Engineering @ TranslaTUM" 

24.09.2019 - Jena
Institute Colloquium at Leibniz-IPHT: “Go With The Flow”

12.03.2019 - Munich
POCT: “Go With The Flow”

14.02.2019 - Munich
Winter School: “Biomedical Analysis Technologies”

04.02.2019 - San Francisco
SPIE 2019: “Hematology analysis with holographic imaging cytometry”

20.11.2018 - Salzburg
ÖGLMKC Jahrestagung 2018: "Beyond flow cytometry"

13.11.2018 - Dusseldorf
MEDICA 2018: "Emerging technologies in point-of-care testing"

13.10.2018 - Munich
Open day of the TUM: "Blut ist ein ganz besondrer Saft"

14.09.2018 - Munich
TranslaTUM Retreat: Biomedical engineering in the neighbourhood

24.08.2018 - Mainz
Symposium - Debugging Nanobiointerfaces to promote clinical translation: "Cell function diagnostics and clinical acceptance"

25.06.2018 - Linz
Lecture and discussion evening at the University of Linz: "Mehr vom Blut - Die Bedeutung des Blutes für die in vitro Diagnostik"

09.06.2018 - Cottbus
5. Cottbuser Tumor Symposium "Leben mit Krebs - Krebsforschung - Neues in Diagnose und Therapie: "Renaissance in der Zelldiagnostik"

01.06.2018 - Wien
Seminar/Lecture series: "Hidden Cellular Biomarker"

19.04.2018 - Steingaden
MIH Retreat: "Biomedical electronics in your neighborhood"

11.04.2018 - Munich
ANALYTICA: "Playing tricks on your blood cells"

03.04.2018 - Singapore
DAAD - TUM Asia Research Symposium: "More from blood"

07.03.2018 - Munich
TranslaTUM - Human Motion Winter Symposium: "Moving preclinics"

02.03.2018 - Frankfurt
22nd Annual Meeting of the IGLD: "Neueste technologische Entwicklungen in der Point-of-care Diagnostik"

19.02.2018 - Munich
MRI Germany Global Health Consortium Meeting

08.02.2018 - Munich
School day of TU Munich: "Blut ist ein besonderer Saft"

15.12.2017 - Hamburg
Seminar/Lecture series: "Cellular diagnostics"

29.11.2017 - Oslo
Biosensor Seminar: "Magnetic and imaging based cell diagnostics"

15.11.2017 - Dusseldorf
MEDICA 2017: "Emerging technologies in point-of-care diagnostics"

10.11.2017 - Munich
Faculty Day E+I: "Blut ist ein ganz besonderer Saft"

03.11.2017 - Darmstadt
Symposium Medical technology, "Challenges of Cell Function Diagnostics"

09.10.2017 - Wien
Faculty Colloquium of the Faculty of Chemistry: "Combining Technologies"