Oliver Hayden
Master of inspiration, efficiency and clinical relevance
Professors profile

Room 22.1.27
Phone +49/89/4140-9031

Team assistance

Ingrid Franz
Wizard of organisatory affairs

Room 22.1.28, secretary's office
Phone +49/89/4140-9032

Jeannette Toldrian
Specialist for lists of all kinds

Room 22.1.29
Phone +49/89/4140-9033

Group leaders

Martin Brischwein / Live Tissue Analysis group
Master juggler of research, finance, personnel and study matters

Room 22.1.30
Phone +49/89/4140-9035

Moritz Leuthner / Single cell analysis group

Room 22.1.33
Phone +49/89/4140-9040

Shilpi Pandey / Biomedical Acoustofluidics group

Room 22.1.31
Phone +49/89/4140-9038

Ellen Emken / Label-free Imaging Cytometry group

Room 22.1.31
Phone +49/89/4140-9040

Christoph Dillitzer / BoneSens group

Room 22.2.41


Henning Sabersky-Müssigbrodt / BugSense group

Room 22.2.41


Morteza Kafshgari / Xicles group

Room 22.1.29

Phone +49/89/4140-9034


Research assistants

Martin Knopp / CellFace group
Big Data Guru

Room 22.1.31
Phone +49/89/4140-9040

Technical staff

Reiner Dunkl

Room 22.1.29
Phone +49/89/4140-9033

PhD students - Engineering

Christoph Dillitzer
BoneSens group

Room 22.1.33
Phone +49/89/4140-9114

Ellen Emken
Label-free Imaging Cytometry group and Live Tissue Analysis group

Room 22.1.33
Phone +49/89/4140-9114

Christian Klenk
Label-free Imaging Cytometry group


Moritz Leuthner
Single cell analysis group

Room 22.1.33
Phone +49/89/4140-9040

M. Mohsin Malik
Label-free Imaging Cytometry group

Room 22.1.33
Phone +49/89/4140-9114

Bettina Sailer
Biomedical acoustofluidics group


Bach Tran
BoneSens group

Room 22.1.33
Phone +49/89/4140-9114

PhD students - Natural Sciences

Leopold Daum
Single cell analysis group

Room 22.1.33
Phone +49/89/4140-9114

PhD students - Medicine

Dominik Heim
Label-free Imaging Cytometry group

Room 22.1.33
Phone +49/89/4140-9114

Henning Sabersky-Müssigbrodt
BugSense group

Room 22.2.41




Rasched Alam, Master thesis
Arda Ay, Master thesis
Bilal Bares, Bachelor thesis
Laura Baumann, Master thesis
Daniel Borst, Master thesis
Anton  Dalichau, Bachelor thesis
Florian Ehrmeier, Master thesis
Asli Ergin, Master thesis
Alexander Franz, Bachelor thesis
Philip Groult, Bachelor thesis
Yanjun Guo, Master thesis
Ouni Hend, Master thesis
David Lucca Herrmann, Bachelor thesis
Yumeng Lei, Bachelor thesis
Helga Ritzl, Master thesis 
Sanja Tosheska, Master thesis
Johannes Weig, Bachelor thesis
Nelson Werum, Bachelor thesis
Miriam von Westphalen, Master thesis
Rojda Hicsanmaz, Master thesis


Martin Aicher, Master thesis
Maurice Sebastian Alarcon Mostajo, Master thesis
Johannes Baier, Bachelor thesis
Lothar Brixius, Master thesis
Paul Büschl, Master thesis
Aastha Chandiwala, Bachelor thesis
Maria DeCarlos Diez, Master thesis
Katrin Frank, Bachelor thesis
Janis Gabler, Bachelor thesis
Artem Gazizov, Master thesis
Dominik Häfner, Bachelor thesis
Nissaf Haouala, Bachelor thesis
Zeineb Haouari, Bachelor thesis
Lukas Heringer, Bachelor thesis
Florian Hintermaier, Bachelor thesis
Luca Hoffmann, Master thesis
Mauro Keck, Bachelor thesis
Leon Kobinger, Master thesis
Marco Menz, Master thesis
Alfred Michelfelder, Technical Assistant
Paul Morandell, Master thesis
Julian Quinn McGinnis, Master thesis
Dr. Mathias Reisbeck, Group leader Single Cell Analysis Group
Emma Schwörer, Bachelor thesis
Muammer Can Sezgin, Bachelor thesis
Tasnia Shaikh, Bachelor thesis
Nick Slotnarin, Bachelor thesis
Beste Taşçı, Bachelor thesis
Fiona von der Straten, Master thesis
Ralf Weiss, Master thesis


Nabila Ayoub, Master thesis
Dr. Rune Barnkob, Group Leader Acoustofluidics
Johann Brenner, Master thesis
Matthias Brunner, Master thesis
Azur Causevic, Bachelor thesis
Markus Cortina, Master thesis
Luca Fabiano, Bachelor thesis
Armita Farsiani, PhD student
Janika Fischer, Bachelor thesis
David Fresacher, Master thesis
Bennet Valentin Gerdes, Master thesis
Markus Hackinger, Master thesis
Ferdinand Heinrich, Master thesis
Aaron Kutzner, Bachelor thesis
Lina Ben Massaoud, Bachelor thesis
Jennifer Michelsen, Bachelor thesis
Philipp Möhrle, Bachelor thesis
Michael Müller, Master thesis
Khanh Thu Nguyen, Bachelor thesis
Turgut Özgün, Master thesis
Christian Schmidt, Master thesis
Sebastian Seyfried, Master thesis
Margarete Remm, Technical Assistant
Khadiga Zaki, Bachelor thesis


David Rein, Master thesis
Khaoula Elkhayaty, Master thesis
Thomas Höller, Master thesis
Benedikt Schnell, Bachelor thesis
Patrick Delago, Bachelor thesis
Stefan Pehr, Master thesis
Büsra Nur Gümüs, Master thesis
Neslihan Ülkü Şahin, Bachelor thesis
Felix Borchert, Master thesis
Rojda Hicsanmaz, Bachelor thesis
Andreas Markidonow, Master thesis
Defne Tüzün, Bachelor thesis
Artem Gazizov, Bachelor thesis
Edin Dulic, Bachelor thesis
Benedikt Schnell, Master thesis
Florian Ehrmeier, Bachelor thesis
Youssef Jeridi, Master thesis
Tingxuan Qiu, Bachelor thesis
Michael Schön, Bachelor thesis
Marko Zlatic, Bachelor thesis
Markus Cortina, Bachelor thesis


Dr. Matthias Ugele, Group Leader Label-free Imaging Cytometry group
Carmen Escorial Iriarte, Master thesis
Esther Räth, Master thesis
Andre Dorigan, Bachelor thesis
Fedy Farhart, Bachelor thesis
Zhukov Vsevolod, Bachelor thesis
Jakub Jaskolski, Bachelor thesis
Shrihari Viswanath, Bachelor thesis
Durga Vaishavi Chuk, Master thesis
Mariem Nouicer, Bachelor thesis
Franziska Palme, Bachelor thesis
Youssef Jeridi, Master thesis
Burak Safak, Master thesis
Maximilian Haase, Bachelor thesis
Richard Söller, Master thesis
Michael Heiß, Master thesis
Bojan Sandurkov, Research Assistant
Tobias Schuh, Master thesis
Julia Mantel, Bachelor thesis
Luca Schmerbeck, Bachelor thesis
Fabian Schober, Bachelor thesis
Marlon Dietrich, Master thesis
Julius Kübler, Master thesis
Paul Morandell, Bachelor thesis
Michael Schmid, Master thesis


Martin Aicher, Bachelor thesis
Moritz Hocher, Bachelor thesis
Dominik Korthals, Master thesis
Hans Schmiedel, Bachelor thesis
Johann Brenner, Bachelor thesis
Jan Liu, Master thesis
Domenico Tomaselli, Bachelor thesis
Bojan Sandurkov, Master thesis
Fabiola Schöller, Master thesis
Andreas Haas, Master thesis