Microfluidics laboratory for chip production


Microfluidics allows for precise control and liquid handling at the nanoliter regime. With 3D structures and channels at the size of a single cell scale, we address emerging fields such as precise cell manipulation, droplet microfluidics, and miniaturized Lab-on-a- Chip cytometry and analytical devices based on acoustic, optical, magnetic and impedance platforms including but not limited to:

• Parallelization with low volume consumption of biological and chemical assays
• Flow cytometry
• Droplet microfluidics
• Cell manipulation and separation
• Lab-on-a-Chip
• …

Clean-room microfabrication @ LBE / TranslaTUM

We offer an environment (laminar flow modules, cleanroom ISO-5), which allows for rapid fabrication of microfluidic devices and prototypes.

• 3D printing (SLA based) (100 µm)

• PMMA micromilling and micromachining (200 µm)

• Standard Photolithography (20 µm)

• Multilayer Direct Laser Lithography (1 µm)

• PDMS Soft Lithography

• CAD Design of prototypes and microfluidic devices

• Precision liquid handling (displacement and pressure based)

• Surface functionalization and wet etching

3D printing


• PMMA Micromilling and micromachining
• Resolution: 200 µm

Standard photolithography (micro-structure patterning)

• Resolution: 20 µm

Multilayer direct laser lithography (micro-structure patterning)

• Mask-less lithography
• Resolution: 1 µm

PDMS soft-lithography (microfluidics device fabrication)

Other fabrication process @Zeitlab

• Metal deposition

• Wafer dicing

• Device characterization

• Wire bonding

Microfluidic devices and prototypes

With 3D structures and channels, we address precise cell manipulation, droplet microfluidics, acoustofluidics, miniaturized Lab-on-a- Chip cytometry, and workflow design.

Price list

For more information please contact: Dr. Shilpi Pandey, shilpi.pandey@tum.de