Future Memory Leader: MRAM or RRAM? Panel discussion with Franz Kreupl at IMW 2012

Panel discussion with Franz Kreupl (TUM), Daniel Worledge (IBM), Kirk Prall (Micron), Robert Aitken (ARM), Bernard Dieny (CEA/Spintech)

IEEE International Memory Workshop (IMW) 2012 Panel Session

Endurance, power consumption, and structure complexities that limit yield and increase cost are becoming concerns in memory scaling beyond the 2x nm node. Today, several new and more scalable resistive and magneto-resistive RAM technologies are under development as potential successors to Flash, DRAM, and SRAM. Does one present decisive cost or performance advantages over the other? What new material and processing challenges do they pose? How will they change memory architecture?

Join our panel of distinguished speakers from ARM, CEA/Spintech, IBM, Micron, and Technische Universität München, as they address such questions and their influence on future memory device development. Moderated by a representative from the Applied Materials Silicon Systems Group, we anticipate that this will be a highly informative and animated discussion.

Melia Milano Hotel
Milan, Italy

Monday, May 21, 2012


Although this year only marks the fourth IMW meeting, the conference has a long history of  Non-Volatile Semiconductor Memory Workshops (NVSMW) dating back to 1976. In 2008, NVSMW and the International Conference on Memory Technology and Design (ICMTD) merged to incorporate both the volatile and non-volatile memory aspects in one forum while maintaining the workshop experience. The scope was extended from non-volatile memory technology and design, which had been successfully discussed in more than 30 years of NVSMW, to the other memory technologies, which were the focus of ICMTD.


Program can be downloaded here.