Seminar: Inside my iPhone - Technology analysis of a smart phone - 6 ECTS

Registration at TUMonline (limited to 4 participants - seats will be distributed by lucky draw)

Warning: This is a demanding seminar requiring considerable engagement and interest from your side. Best suited for students after the 2nd semester. If you are not a committed and persistent person, this is the wrong seminar. You will be forced to register for the exam.

At work, you often will be confronted with situations where you need to obtain technical information which is not easily accessible and even might be company confidential. The purpose of this course is to prepare for such situations by working on a technology analysis of a smart phone as a case study.

The course starts with a series of lectures, where search strategies are developed and worked out. Students will learn where to look, how to search, how to read information. Equipped with this know how, you will work on one individual enabling technology of a smart phone, write a 4-page scientific paper about it and present the results to your colleagues in a presentation.

The choice of technology topics of a smart phone can be selected on a first-come-first-served basis.The student is expected to work out the basics and general principles of a selected technology and discuss the specific implementation in a smart phone.

After participation in this seminar, you will know

- how to search for technology information effectively
- where to look for information
- how to use search engines efficiently
- current hot spots of electronic technology platforms
- how to read patents and where to find relevant information in them
- where to get construction analysis reports
- practice the search strategies by working on a selected topic
- get an technology overview about enabling technologies of a smart phone
- train soft skills:
  * self dependent learning of a scientific topic
  * improving oral presentation skills
  * writing a scientific report

This time we will look into the inside of the Apple iphone A15 Pro

Topics will be:

1. Rear-Facing Cameras
2. Touch sensor
3. BAW & SAW Filters
4. FaceID
5. Readout electronic for Accelerometer + Gyroscope
6. Envelope Tracking Power Supply
7. The Antenna Switch

Course description is in TUMonline.

Registration for the course is via TUMonline (help for registration)
(Topics will be assigned according to first come, first serve)

Mandatory kick-off meeting and participants freeze is on 18.04.2024 at 16:00 in 02.5901.049 in Garching

Paper submission date is Monday 24.06.2024 until 10:00 AM by email to

Presentations will be on Thursday 18.07.2024 from 17:00 -22:30 in 02.5901.049 in Garching. Full time participation is mandatory.