Theses at HES

213 18.02.2024 Moncef Ben H. Salem Evaluation of Explainable AI Methods for Interpreting Anomalies in Industrial Time-Series Data via Autoencoders
212 18.02.2024 Wassim Eddouss Evaluation of Different Autoencoder Architectures in Industrial Manufacturing
211 19.01.2024 Oussema Madouri Development of a diagnostic tool of a specific FPGA-based electronic device for the control and measurement of tribological processes
210 09.01.2024 Abdul Wahab ARIF Advanced Implementation Method of Test Point Insertion for Automotive Safety Product
209 05.12.2023 Gael Boucher Investigating the contact quality of NTC thermoelectric sensors: Development of two alternative diagnosis methods using constant heating currents and thermal impedance spectroscopy
208 24.11.2023 Amir Bouazizi Development of a machine learning method to support the problem solving of semiconductor failures with EIPD fault signature
207 17.11.2023 Martin Kunstmann Investigation of Magnetic Fields Threats to Magnetoresistive RAM for Automotive Use Cases
206 13.11.2023 Valentin Köber Deep learning-based internal resistance estimation of 48-Volt batteries
205    02.10.2023 Hassan Kamel Characterization of Noise Behavior of Graphene Gas Sensors and its Impact on Gas Sensing Performance
204 26.09.2023 Vedatroyee Ghosh Single-Phase AC/DC Converter Based on GaN for PV Applications
203 25.09.2023 Zeineb Chaabouni Spiking Resonate-and-Fire Neurons for mmWave Radar Sensors
202 14.08.2023 Mohamed Ben Ahmed Rule Based Approach for a Dynamic Customer Classification System via ML models
201 20.07.2023 Ahmed Jahanzaib On-The-Fly ESD Verification
200 03.07.2023 Talha Zia M. Ali Integration of 10BASE-T1s PHY with an Interoperability Platform for Functional Testing in the Automotive Industry
199 03.07.2023 Achour Kheireddine Urban area analysis: Building type classification using deep learning and remote sensing
198 02.06.2023 Mahssi Popal Online current sensor calibration
197 11.05.2023 Chaden Ouertani Automization of Machine Learning Development Life Cycle : A Case Study of MLOps for a Computer Vision Project
196 09.05.2023 Hazem Amami Development and Implementation of a Universal Evaluation Tool for Automotive Ethernet Communication Analysis
195 04.05.2023  Rafik Fitouri Development of a multi degree of freedom 3D Hall position sensing approach for a permanent spherical magnet
194 26.04.2023 Mustafa-Selim Sahin Analysis of field-oriented control of asynchronous machines in the high-performance area of the automotive industry
193 13.04.2023 Saad Khalid Optimization of switching losses in high-frequency switching applications in automotive industry
192 03.04.2023 Aamir Munir Hardware Aware Spiking Neural network Training for FeFET Based In-Memory Computing Accelerator
191 15.03.2023 Hussein Elzomor Investigating In-Situ Learning Behaviour of Memristive ANNs Considering the Physical Memristor Faults
190 03.03.2023 Ankita Chaturvedi Design and Compare the Performance of Shunt, Fluxgate, In-Package Hall Isolated Current Sensing Solutions
189 21.02.2023 Soumaya HAMZAOUI Anomaly Detection in Emobility Powertrain Using Machine Learning
188 17.02.2023 Nada Hammami Design of a bidirectional EV charger with V2G/V2H capability
187 15.02.2023 Mohamed Zouaghi 3D Human Pose Estimation in Vehicle Interiors with a Time-of-Flight Camera
186 03.02.2023 Shayan Zulfiqar Sheikh Prototype of a Multi-Level Converter for Power Factor Correction
185 24.01.2023 Athar Hayat Model Development and Verification of an 8 MW Wind Turbine for Fully Coupled Drivetrain Simulation
184 19.01.2023 Mohamed Chefai Characterization and Simulation of Antenna Transfer Functions for Electrostatic Discharge Events
183 09.01.2023 Kris Haskoçelaj Mapping of simulation models for vehicle control units as FMU and their analysis
182 02.01.2023 Asad Ali Rana Analysis, Design and Implementation of Multiphase GaN HEMT based Buck Converter for High Current Applications
181 11.12.2022 Rameen Sohail Analysis of Output-Voltage Remote Sensing Techniques for Optimal Transient Performance and Control Loop Stability
of Step-Down DC/DC Converters
180 11.12.2022 Syed Shuja HASSAN Construction of an Automatic System for Measuring Ferrite Losses
179 05.12.2022 Lymperis PERAKIS Analyzing Illustrations and Figures in Electronics Datasheets with Methods of Computer Vision and Machine Learning
178 15.11.2022 Shakeel Kamran Simulation and Optimization Study of Anode Structure by LASER Perforation
177 09.11.2022 Ihsan Rasool Development of an Evaluation Module for Automotive Power ICs
176 31.10.2022 Badis Zormati Tiny Machine Learning for Audio Applications at the Edge
175 20.10.2022 Amal Ben Slimen Investigation of Flip-Flop based memory for decision-making support for automotive chips
174 17.10.2022 Krishna Manish Bhadra System Test Automation for Multilevel Modular Battery Inverter
173 17.10.2022 Ben Mohamed Khalil Association Rules for Predicting Semiconductor Markets via Machine Learning Models
172 10.10.2022 Oussama Skhiri Global Sensitivity Analysis for the Optimization of the Virtual Pre-application of ABS and VDC based on Artificial Intelligence
171 10.10.2022 Wièm Boukhzar Adaptation of RNA-seq batch-effect correction methods to biomedical imaging data
170 10.10.2022 Yadhnyaseni Kayande Facilitating porting and building use cases of PN5190 NFC Frontend in Electric Vehicle Charging for Payment
169 16.09.2022 Oussama Ben Cheikh Larbi Analysis and further development of optimization methods in 5G frequency approval process with the aim of interference avoidance under compliance with legal protection requirements
168 25.08.2022 Alaeddine Yacoub Effects of 3D Free-Form Surfaces On LiDAR's Performance In Autonomous Driving
167 08.08.2022 Fawad Rauf Implementation of Wafer-Level Soft Switching Setup for Gallium Nitride Power Transistor
166 04.08.2022 Barbara Lenz Sample-Efficient Hyperparameter Optimization of an Aim Point Controller for Solar Power Tower Plants by Bayesian Optimization
165 03.08.2022 Iheb Maddouri Optimization of an FPGA-based differential measurement of distance signals using Eddy Current Sensor Technology
164 22.07.2022 Firas Trimech Improving Networking Reliability in the Real Time Container Architecture
163 18.07.2022 Ferjani Farouk Learning of a Pilot Behaviour for an Event Recognition in Helicopter Cockpit
162 04.07.2022 Waqas Ahmad Selection of hardware and development of an efficient embedded software framework for a sub-scale model of an eVTOL
161 04.07.2022 Wael Chaouch Possible Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Respiratory Diseases
160 27.06.2022 Ghassen Hnaien Implementation of the Robot Controller for an autonomous manufacturing cell demonstrator within a new IoT framework
159 20.05.2022 Akram Louati Automated Software Vulnerability Detection in the Industry using Artificial Intelligence
158 17.05.2022 Rami Hachicha Model-based Evaluation of a Packaging Line Visual Quality Features in an Open Environment
157 12.05.2022 Rauf Saim Design and Verification of a Software Compatible I2C Interface for the Standby Subsystem of a SoC
156 05.05.2022 Mohamed Sadok Kria IT-Service Desk Optimization: Multilingual Email Clustering based on Deep Learning Language Representation Models
155 28.04.2022 Aditya Gholap Evaluation of Various Techniques for Precise Voltage Measurement on Automated Test Equipment (ATE)
154 27.04.2022 Atif Javed Generic HDL-Module for up to 3-bit Error-Detection and 2-bit Error-Correction
153 13.04.2022 Hamadi Ayari Motion Prediction for the Validation of Automated Vehicles - The Representation of Driving Scenarios as a Factor for Data-Efficient Testing
152 05.04.2022 Houssem Sellami Recommender System Modeling for Printed Circuit Boards Design using Graph Neural Networks
151 05.04.2022 Alaa Gammoudi Interactive Time Series Retrieval with Relevance Feedback
150 24.03.2022 Iliana Paspaleva Automation of the Upgrade process in the Hardware in the the Loop subsystem test bench
149 23.02.2022 Majida Chernak Re-use Test Sequences between UVM Module Level and C-UVM based SoC Level Verification Environment
148 23.02.2022 Sikouonmo Talla Sédale Nadège Characterization of current pulses due to VBUS-to-Dataline shorts in USB Type C
147 09.02.2022 Sarbeji Ahmed Development of a Hall measurement with differential approach for a stray-feld-robust angle measurement
146 28.01.2022 Achref Sahnoun Analysis of the Acoustic Measurements made on Electrical Engines in the Image Space using Deep Learning
145 20.01.2022  Mahmoud Kassar Visualisation of an Explainable Artificial Intelligence Approach in the Use Case of Customer Order Behavior with a Holistic Digital Twin
144 14.01.2022 Talha Zafar Tracking and Detection of Multiple Vehicles using 3D Radar Sensor
143 11.01.2022 Prashant Kumar Experimental Analysis of MOSFETs and DC Link Capacitors to Adapt Electronics Design for Power Tool Applications
142 10.01.2022 Yacov Matveev Developing a Custom Low-Area, Low-Power Microcontroller for Testing a Memory PHY
141 16.12.2021 Laura Grünauer GPS-disciplined oscillator as a reference oscillator for use in satellite communications and navigation simulator applications
140 07.12.2021 Syed Ahsan Raza Determination of Failure Stresses for Different Plastic Types subjected to Vibrational Cyclic Loading
139 07.12.2021 Mohammad Bariq Khan 6G System Architecture Design to support Native Artificial Intelligence
138 03.11.2021 Achraf Friaa Interpretation and Classification of Customer Order Behaviors with Machine Learning Approaches - A Case Study For Customers of Infineon Technologies AG
137 12.10.2021 Iheb  Hnaien Time sensitive networking within robotic arm realtime system
136 04.10.2021 Ardit Shulemaja BGA9H1BN6 as High Performance LNA with Power-Save-Mode for GNSS applications
135 04.10.2021 Ramy Hanna Fast Transient Simulation using ODE-RNN-based Behavioral Modeling
134 10.09.2021 Garima Garg Analysis of effects of output voltage remote sensing on transient performance and control loop stability of step-down DC/DC converter
133 01.09.2021 Melek Khalfallah Attribute Value Extraction from E-commerce Product Profiles using Machine Learning
132 03.08.2021 Zaighum Farooq Design and development of flyyback converter for characterization and analysis of magnetics effect on power supply performance
131 02.08.2021 Hend Mhiri Optical Character Recognition Super Resolution for Low Resolution Images
130 06.07.2021 Yuhang Yan Development of semiconductor based solid state relay implementations and associated diagnostic and protection circuits
129 28.06.2021 Farheen Shafique Analysis of circuit elements in a Power Distribution Network (PDN) for their impact on control loop stability and the risk of failures of a connected VRM
128 09.06.2021 Ines Dridi Weakness Detection in Neural Networks Using Adversarial Attacks
127 31.05.2021 Helmi Abidi Investigation of Hand Gesture Recognition with mm-Wave Radar Technology
126 07.05.2021 Khalil Chouchen Cloud-based analysis of vehicle bus data using sequential neural networks
125 06.05.2021 Ghassen Laajailia Topic Modelling
124 05.05.2021 Mohamed Zied Belkhiria Machine learning application for optimizing automated dynamic data and high frequency API queries
123 15.04.2021 Aymen Ben Salem Behavior Trees in Intelligent Decision Making for Autonomous Robots in Industrial Environments
122 24.03.2021 Maximilian Küffner Nickel-Carbon Stacks for Spin-Filter Applications
121 23.03.2021 Robert Walser Concept Development of a Faii-Operational 28V Battery Pack and Power Distribution System for a Launch Vehicle
120 08.03.2021 Sepehr Bijani Applications of Machine Learning and Optimization Methods in Image Signal Processor Auto Tuning
119 02.02.2021 Wael Touzri Development and lmplementation of a Control Architecture for a Robust and Intelligent Robot in the lndustrial Environment
118 11.12.2020 Felix Diet Analysis and derivation of robust recognition features from unstructured audio signals for reliable detection and classification of acoustic events
117 26.10.2020 Oliver Linder Method development for the characterization of vehicle wiring systems
116 06.10.2020 Safwen Dridi Gateway Development for Autonomaus Driving Sensor Platform Validation
115 02.10.2020 Gylxhane Maqedonci Methodology for Analyzing Electrical Board Parameters of Highly-Automated Verication Test Benches
114 15.09.2020 Lida Kostis Dimensionality Reduction for Deep Reinforcement Learning in Simulated Autonomous Driving
113 20.08.2020 Mohamed Yassine Zaafouri Design and Implementation of a Deep Learning Vision-based Collision Avoidance System for Autonomous
Robots in Industrial Environments
112 18.08.2020 Safwen Thabet Sensor Transfer Learning
111 17.08.2020 Eroll Selmani Analysis of electrical consumers in 12-volt vehicle electric system
110 17.08.2020 Alexander Gans Development of the sensor technology of a worker assistance system for securing plug connections in vehicle assembly
109 21.07.2020 Dzemaludin Bradaric Implementation of ISO-29119 test techniques for an existing test case generation tool in Python
108 10.06.2020 Awais Yaqoob Architectures and Methods for low EMI in DC/DC converters
107 25.5.2020 Jan Fintor Solar Panel Utilization in An Electric Car
106 04.05.2020 Syed Taimur Haider Analysis and Design of Digital Control Mechanism of DC-DC Converter
105 30.04.2020 Weiyi Zhang Leveraging Radar Technology for Home Appliance Usecases
104 24.4.2020 Youssef Smaoui The function and market potential of power electronics in energy storage technologies
103 31.3.2020 Conrad Dang Energy efficiency analysis of bidirectional intelligent charging functions in the environment of
battery electric vehicles and possibilities of efficiency optimisation
102 11.03.2020 Dhaouadi Oussema Design of Gigabit Ethernet on an FPGA
101 05.03.2020 Nauman ul Haque Development of High Performance Test Station for Parallelization of Power Semiconductors
100 10.02.2020 Mohamed Amine Kthiri ISFET readout interface using Mixed-Signal Controller
99 10.02.2020 Stefan Dirr Implementation of an impedance spectrometer using a mixed-signal processor
98 05.02.2020 Keyvan Javadinejad Setup of a development environment for FPGA/SoC based measurement and parameterisation of novel control methods for fail-operational chassis applications
97 02.02.2020 Raghavendra Padmanabha Current Sensing Network for Industry Application
96 23.1.2020 Mohamed Chennoufi Conceptual Design and lmplementation of a Computer Vision Module based on Deep Learning for Autonomaus
Transport Systems Brakes Contra!
95 9.1.2020 Alyssa  Akremi Deep Learning-based Vision System and Neural Networks Behavior
Verification Tool for Intelligent Robots in Industrial Environments
94. 10.12.2019 Rudolf Schäfer Development and testing of an electronic control unit for fully automatic propeller speedregulation
93. 4.12.2019 Firas Baklouti Development of a test case generation tool based on the IS0-29119 test techniques
92. 4.12.2019 Anas Azouni Evaluation of Crash Simulations using Machine Learning
91. 2.12.2019 Syed Rafay Ali Sensor Fusion & Calibration of a Trailer in an Autonomous Truck Trailer Model
90. 28.11.2019 Elizabeth Alias Negative Rail Converter
89. 25.11.2019 Matthias Ochs Evaluation of DCDC Switch Mode Converter and LDO Output Voltage
Noise and their Impact on Phase Noise of Clock Generator and Jitter Cleaner
88. 30.10.2019 Fawad Ahmad Design of a Low-Power Steering Wheel Angle Tracker
87. 30.10.2019 Lei Zhang Design of a Charge Pump for a 4.3 GHz Frequency Synthesizer in 22 nm FD-SOI CMOS Technology
86. 17.10.2019 Mohamed Feiz Skhiri One-Class Anomaly Detection Neural Network for AI-based Pick&Place Robot
85. 1.10.2019 Sajjad Ahmed Soomro Compatibility of smart city environmental sensor with future technologies
84. 25.9.2019 Daniel Kaindl Palladium Reference Electrode
83. 29.8.2019 Zeeshan Ahmad Khan Camparisan of Advanced Methods for State-of-Charge Estimation of Lithium-Ion Batteries
82. 20.8.2019 Abdullah Nisar LSTM for LTE Modem Power Saving
81. 16.8.2019 Tobias Manhart Evaluation of reference solution for use in ATE
80. 10.7.2019 Junhui Xu Development of an intelligent electromagnetic system and evaluation of different methods for weight determination
79. 2.7.2019 Oleg Sakolski Design of a High Voltage Linear Regulator with Current Sinking Capability for Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer Driver Circuit
78. 27.6.2019 Mejdi Siala Investigation and Optimization of the E/E Test Coverage on the Test Instance Hardware in the Loop (HiL) under the given ECU Development Process
77. 16.5.2019 Leonard Reidiess Investigation of temperature influences on charge state and open circuit voltage at 12V energy storage technologies
76. 15.5.2019 Muhammad Hassam Malhi Linearization of a Power Amplifier for Mobile Communication
75. 18.4.2019 Clemens Krogmann Modelling and control of the operating modes of an electrical machine in the 48 V vehicle electrical system
74. 9.4.2019 Najam Tariq Development of a throttle valve simulator
73. 08.4.2019 Syed Bukhari Comparison of Glass-Electrode and ISFET
72. 15.3.2019 Oussama Mnejja Simulation of a hybrid fuel cell vehicle under extreme load conditions
71. 16.02.2019  Alexander-Andre Stefani Open Source solution for the acquisition of metrological signals for the detection of a change of state in a cavity
70. 15.02.2019 Pavleen Singh Bali 5G NR Protocol Stack Validation
69. 1.2.2019 Sven Martin Feasibility of Ultra-High Bandwidth Frequency Dividers
68. 22.1.2019 Julian Philipp Design and Optimization of 40-nm CMOS Ultra-Wideband Low Noise Amplifiers as Components of an On-Chip Readout Circuitry for Spin-Wave Characterization in 5-50 GHz
67. 22.1.2019 Melik Cert Design of 18-25 GHz Oscillator in 40 nm CMOS Technology
66. 8.01.2019 Sarim Khan Wafer Level Package Reliability Testing and Analysis of an advanced Front-End Node
65. 18.12.2018 Christian Wegner Design eines Spannungsregelalgorithmus zur Vermeidung von Störgeräuschen in DC/DC-Schaltreglern
64. 11.10.2018 Muhammad Umer Design and development of a solution for dynamics monitoring based on an ultrasonic frequency operated microphone for stationary and mobile applications
63. 26.9.2018 Christoph Scherer Empirical simulation of thermodynamics and kinetics in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells based on impedance measurements
62. 26.9.2018 Basak ÜLKER DC Offset Compensation for a Fully Digital Audio ADC Using a Control Loop
61. 12.9.2018 Thomas Wanck MCU Package EMC Modeling & Simulation
60. 5.9.2018 Michael Kohler Design and realization of a prototype for the closed loop displacement- or force-control of a piezoelectric actuator
59. 17.8.2018 Ferdinand Pscheidl Compensating the Stress Dependence of the Input referred O set Voltage of a CMOS Operational Ampli er with Stress dependent Source Degeneration Resistors
58. 2.8.2018 Sédale Nadège Sikouonmo Talla Leistungsspezifische Charakterisierung von SAW- und BAW-Komponenten durch kurze Beaufschlagung mit HF-Leistung auf der Waferprobestation
57. 2.8.2018 Rizwan Mushtaq System Diagnostics Aggregator (SDA) for Mobile Platforms
56. 24.7.2018 Hamalesh Shanmugam Analysis on Reflow in Microelectronic Metallization Components with 808 nm Laser and Implementation of Alternative Laser Wavelength Transparent to Silicon
55. 31.7.2018 Aswathy Remesh Babu Analog High Voltage Screening on DC-DC Converter
54. 19.06.2018 Jasmin Koschi Development of a High Resolution and Low Noise Time-to-Digital Converter for a Digital Phase-Locked-Loop Application
53. 06.06.2018 Ahmed Hraoui Evaluation of a novel in situ stress equipment used for automotive device reliability investigations
52. 04.05.2018 Mohamed Farag Elaakhdar Time-continuous Comparator Designs for Time-Domain Sensing Concepts
51. 10.04.2018 Ahmad  Haidari Adaptive Slope-Control Optimization, Using a Current Driven Gate-Driver with Integrated Microcontroller
50. 27.3.2018 Pascal Nachtigäller Modelling of a Silicon N-Well Resistor with Vertical Current Flow
49. 21.03.2018 Alexander Lange Signal- and Line Qualification on Automotive Ethernet Systems
48. 12.03.2018 Aditya Gupta Line-Transient Robust R2D Selection Circuit for Ultra-Low Power Applications
47. 08.03.2018 Daniel Jerouschek Eignungsstudie der Lithiumtitanat Batterie für das 48-Volt-Fahrzeugbordnetz
46. 26.02.2018 Shanchuan Tang Investigation of TMR Based Current Sensors with an Automated Measurement System
45. 15.02.2018 Nabila Ayoub Analysis of Different Strategies for the Layout of the Switch Nodes in a Non-Isolated Inductive Buck-Boost Converter on a Printed Circuit Board
44. 06.02.2018 Atif Mehmood Design and Layout of a High Efficiency/High Linearity Power Amplifer Module
43. 13.01.2018 Ahmed ABDELKEFI Delta Updates for In-Vehicle ECU flash memory: A Sequential Approach
42. 08.01.2018 Sargam Sharma Test setup for high throughput wafer level characterization of electrochemical sensors
41. 08.12.2017 Alexander Sellemond Investigation, Comparison and Development of Circuit Concepts for Piezo- Actuator -Drives
40. 11.11.2017 Philipp August Modeling and Investigation of Single Star Six-Phase and Dual Three-Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines considering Inductive Couplings between Stator Windings
39. 11.11.2017 Lena Zeitlhöfler Analysis of CDM Robustness of Bare-Die Semiconductor Devices
38. 16.10.2017 Marouen TRABELSI Analysis, development and commissioning of an inductive interference-robust gap sensor for a magnetic levitation train control system
37. 12.10.2017 Sivakumar Natarajan Design of an Analog Front-End of 11-bit SAR ADC for Electromagnetic Interference Suppression
36. 29.09.2017 Andreas Dietz Design of a 5-50 GHz Phase-Locked Loop Frequency Synthesizer for Spin-Wave Readout Circuitry in 40 nm CMOS Technology
35. 28.09.2019 Bernhard Eisgruber Design of an 8-bit Tracking ADC for Digital DC-DC Controllers
34. 25.08.2017 Michael Mildner Design of Analog Front End with Temperature Compensation for On-Chip Mechanical Stress Sensors
33. 25.08.2017 Daniel Kaindl Design und Optimierung eines Operationsverstarkers in 40nm CMOS Technologie
32. 21.08.2017 Muhammad Umair Manzoor Optimization and chemical characterization of a fuel evaporator to optimize the regeneration of a Diesel Particle Filter (DPF)
30. 01.08.2017 Yassine Ammar Software Optimization for Scanning Microwave Microscopy Data Processing
29. 12.07.2017 Kaloyan Grigorov Radiation E ffects on Analog Circuits
28. 12.06.2017 Egor Zaharov SPICE modelling of CMOS devices under ESD conditions
27. 02.06.2017 Simon Mendisch Comprehensive Analysis of the Timing Properties in Current and Next Generation Silicon Photomultiplier
26. 16.05.2017 Delin Wang Erfassung elektrischer und umwelttechnischer Einflussgrößen auf elektronisch betätigte Bauteile in silikonkontaminierter Atmosphäre
25. 26.04.2017 Gabriel Mayr Cyber-physical systems: CANopen commissioning and POST
24. 20.04.2017 Muhammad Jamal Tariq To Improve the Efficiency of On-Chip Power Supply with the Use of Synchronous BUCK Converter Integrated with the LDO as a Backup On a Single Chip
22. 15.04.2017 Moeed Farooq Design and Implementation of a self-learning header compression algorithm in a 3GPP (LTE/5G) environment based on Neural Networks
21. 06.04.2017 Schuster Tobias Implementation and Evaluation of a Digital Signal Processor for a Downhole Imaging Tool
20. 31.03.2017 Tiemo Schöttke Design of an Ultra Low Power Reference Circuit
19. 30.03.2017 Shuang Ma Untersuchung von Störeinflüssen einer Servo-Ventil-Öffnungsregelung
18. 24.03.2017 Furkan Karatas Batterietechnik im 12V Bordnetz
17. 20.03.2017 Sebastian Wilhelm Bitline Clamping Schemes for Current-Mode Sense Amplifiers
16.. 09.01.2017 Bilel Djebali Characterization, Modelling and Data Fusion of MEMS Inertial Sensors for High Performance Applications
15. 08.08.2016 Jonas Vith Transmission Line Pulser for Testing Carbon Layered Schottky Diodes
14. 02.08.2016 Hannes Viktor Wachter Evaluation of a Novel Multi-Channel ASIC Readout System for Silicon Photomultipliers in TOFPET-Applications
13. 06.05.2016 Hao Cui Funktionelle Analyse, Qualifikation und Diagnose of IGBT-Modulen mit geringen Strömen und Spannungen
12. 05.02.2016 Saqib Rafiq Design and Construction of a Chuck for Heating Silicon Wafers during Laser Processing
11. 05.02.2016 Lejing Li Optimierung des Prozesses zur weltweiten Zulassung von Fahrzeugen durch eine automatisierte Verarbeitung von FXD-Dateien
10. 11.12.2015 Lu Xin Modellbasierte Entwicklung eines Ansteuerverfahrens mit optimierten Pulsmustern für einen 3-Level-Wechselrichter im 2-Level Betrieb
9. 29.11.2015 Muhammad Saad Nawaz Development of Data Communication Solution for State-of-the-Art Automotive Radar Application
8. 31.03.2015 Tawanchai Buchta Fabrication and Characterization of a Foil-Based Microfluidic DNA Melting Curve Analysis Platform with Integrated Thin-Film Heaters for Malaria Detection
7. 12.12.2014 Tiemo Carsten Schöttke Entwicklung einer Messschaltung zur Erfassung mehrerer Prüflinge in einer Ofen-Umgebung
6. 25.06.2014 Max Stelzer Investigation of Carbon-Silicon Schottky Barrier Solar Cells with an Antireflection Coating
5. 11.04.2014 Mauricio Daniel Günther Optimierung und Implementierung einer Verzögerungsregelung für Frontraumüberwachungssysteme
4. 11.03.2013 Tawanchai Buchta Herstellung und Charakterisierung von Carbon-Silizium-Schottky-Dioden
3. 24.09.2012 Eberhard Ronald Finsterbusch Entwicklung einer Endstufe für eine Hochspannungskondensatorzündung für die Ansteuerung der Zündkerzen bei Großmotoren
2. 30.08.2012 Sabrina Yasmin
Zörnack Evaluation des SiPM PM 3350 von Ketek für die Anwendung in der Fluoreszenzanalytik im Vergleich zum MP 900-C972 von PerkinElmer
1. 28.03.2012 Alexander Schwartz Implementierung eines circadianen Lichtverlaufs in einer Leuchte mit 2 LED-Gruppen unterschiedlicher Lichtfarbe