Special lecture: Design and Test of GDDR High Speed DRAM

On Wednesday 31.1.2018, Dr. Wolfgang Spirkl from Micron Technology, Munich Center of Excellence for High Speed DRAM Design will speak about

“Design and Test of GDDR High Speed DRAM”

Abstract: For decades the market of high speed Graphic DRAM has been dominated by GDDR memory. Recently, Micron’s GDDR5X memory, with a per pin data rate of 12 Gbps in high speed Graphic cards, has set the benchmark for affordable high speed performance and will be continued in the GDDR6 standard. This presentation will explain the relevant GDDR features and compare the GDDR with the HBM concept. It will show that the GDDR data interface definition results from system requirements and technological constraints in the DRAM process, and is entirely different from the techniques known from High Speed Serial links. In Micron’s Munich design center we design the GDDR chips, analyze devices on wafer as well as on component basis, and develop the mass production test; this presentation also explains essentials of testing and shows some examples of device analysis.

You are welcome in the lecture hall 2760 at 3.00 PM.