Prof. Kreupl invited to speak at the Symposium on ADVANCED TRANSISTOR TECHNOLOGIES in Seoul

Seoul, January 31, 2013


Technical Symposium at the SEMICON Korea

The symposium will be an opportunity for in-depth examination and discussion of key transistor technology challenges and advances on the leading edge of the semiconductor industry, including NAND, logic, and new memory technologies.

Changes in transistor materials and fabrication will accelerate from the 20nm node onward to meet power, speed, and packing density demands of the mobility era. These factors are driving 3D logic and memory transistor designs, which represent a host of new challenges.

Distinguished speakers from Applied Materials, IBM, IMEC, Technische Universität München and Toshiba will address these challenges and emerging solutions.

Prof. Kreupl will speak about "Access Device Options for New Memory Technologies".  Link

159 Samseong dong
Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea