Prof. Kreupl invited to speak about "Sensing with Carbon-based Materials"

Prof. Kreupl will speak at the VDE-Workgroup meeting for Medicine and Life Science Electronic on Tuesday Dec. 9 at 6:15 PM. The location is at TU München,  Theresienstr. 90 Building N3 in Room N0314.

Title: "Sensing with Carbon-based Materials"


Over the last decade emerging carbon-based materials like carbon nanotubes or graphene have been extensively studied for application in sensors. These nanoscale materials, with diameters comparable to the size of individual molecules, have the advantage of high sensitivity - mainly due to their high surface-to-volume ratio. This talk will give an introduction to the electronic behavior of these materials and discusses its pros and cons in sensor applications as well as possible pitfalls. As the industrial adoption of these sensors is still negligible, a roadmap towards successful implementation is discussed along the newly started BMBF-project WireControl. This project aims to close the gaps to applications by providing a reliable technology platform in the next years.