New Paper: A CMOS Temperature Stabilized 2-D Mechanical Stress Sensor With 11-bit Resolution

Umidjon Nurmetov has published his paper in IEEE JOURNAL OF SOLID-STATE CIRCUITS, VOL. 55, NO. 4, APRIL 202

Authors: Umidjon Nurmetov, Tobias Fritz, Ernst Müllner, Christopher M. Dougherty, Michael Szelong,Franz Kreupl, and Ralf Brederlow

U Using an unmodified 130-nm CMOS process,we present the design of an integrated 2-D CMOS stress sensorand trim methodology resulting in 11-bit resolution and 66-dBdynamic range. The n-well-only primary sensing elements andp-type auxiliary elements allow post-calibrated measurement ofboth stress magnitude and angle over the commercial tempera-ture range from 5◦Cto90◦C. The implementation is robust toprocess variation, requires 357μW when active, and is optimizedfor duty cycling to reduce system energy consumption.