Welcome at the Chair of High-Frequency Engineering

High-frequency engineering focuses on those areas of electrical engineering, where wave propagation in circuits, on waveguides, or just in our natural environment is of particular importance. Waveguide based communication, radio communication as well as radio based sensors and sensor systems such as radar, radiometry and positioning are, thus, the core disciplines of high-frequency engineering. These are key enablers of modern wireless communication systems, of traffic safety systems, or of industrial automation and environmental monitoring. In many respects, high-frequency engineering is also of cross-sectional significance. Knowledge of high-frequency engineering is for instance required for the design of fast and reliable integrated circuits and systems, or for the reliable judgement and understanding of electromagnetic interference, either with respect to technical systems or with respect to our environment.  Due to their large spatial extent in comparison to the wavelength, wave propagation phenomena must even be considered in our 50 Hz power supply network, in order to guarantee reliable operation without any disturbances.

Research at HFT is focused on the design and characterization of antennas as well as of antenna- and radar/sensor-systems. We have long-lasting experience in the modeling, transformation, and simulation of electromagnetic waves and fields, where we have developed a series of powerful algorithms, such as ray-tracers, integral equation solvers, and several hybrid solvers over the past years. High-frequency circuits, antennas, and high-frequency systems are directly prototyped and characterized by measurements in our laboratories.

The shown pictures give impressions of our work. Further information can be found in the connected webpages, or in particular also in the various publications.