Stefan Punzet

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Technical University of Munich

Chair of High-Frequency Engineering (Prof. Eibert)

Curriculum Vitae






[1] S. Punzet, F. T. Faul, T. Mittereder, C. Oettl, M. Ganser, M. Häusler and T. F. Eibert:
Fully Coherent UAV-Based Near-Field Measurement and Transformation of the S67-15 m Ground Station Antenna at the German Space Operations Center in Weilheim
16th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP), Madrid, Spain, March 2022.


[1] S. Punzet and T. F. Eibert:
Influence of the GNSS Antenna Mounting Environment on Positioning Accuracy of UAVs
Kleinheubacher Tagung, Miltenberg, Germany, September 2021.
[2] M. G. Ehrnsperger, M. Noll, S. Punzet, U. Siart and T. F. Eibert:
Dynamic Eigenimage Based Background and Clutter Suppression for Ultra Short-Range Radar
Advances in Radio Science, Vol. 19, pages 71 - 77, 2021.


[1] J. Jordaan, S. Punzet, A. Melnikov, A. Sanches, S. Oberst, S. Marburg and Powell:
Measuring monopole and dipole polarizability of acoustic meta-atoms
Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 113, No. 22, page 224102, November 2018.