Lennart’s paper on the lateral-flow biosensor via nanoimpact electrochemistry is now online! He and the nanoparticle people developed a quantitative lateral flow sensor by exploiting digital signals from silver nanoparticle impacts. Looking forward to see this new approach for other targets!

We congratulate Francisco and all the team on the new paper! In the article we can see how to control a locust's leg angle by stimulating its nerve. Looking forward to the locust-flavored cake!

Congratulations George and Lennart on your new BCI article. A great work on audiovisually evoked EEG, cheers!

The new building for Electrical and Computer Engineering is now open in Garching Forschungszentrum. You are kindly invited to take a virtual tour of the new facilities. Read full article here (German version only).

We congratulate Lennart on his new article . Check it out for more information on single-impact electrochemistry in paper-based microfluidics.

Tetsu's recent paper on Nanjing Tamasudare-inspired shape transformers was highlighted in NTT Research's news section. See here for the article.

Congrats Philipp on your contribution to this paper introducing a thermophoretic lab-on-a-chip device to measure the Soret coefficient.

Congratuations Philipp on your new review paper on recent developments and future perspectives on neuroelectronic devices!

Welcome Inola!

Welcome Inola! She will start researching on biohybrid neural interfaces with us for her Ph.D. We are looking forward to working with her and wish her a great start!

Welcome Marta!

Welcome Marta! Marta will be involved in the project concerning the production of microfluidic electrochemical sensor platform for small molecule detection with us for her Ph.D. We are looking forward to working with her and wish her a great start!