Welcome to the Neuroelectronics Group

Our group focuses on bioelectronic technologies for life science and point-of-care applications. In particular, we are interested in neuroelectronic interfaces and sensor arrays for the stimulation and recording of chemical and electrical neuronal signals in vivo and in vitro. One of our goals is to develop microfluidic biohybrid devices to investigate network-scale phenomena including cellular signal propagation,  progressive neurodegeneration, and bioelectronic intervention via neuromodulation.

Our current research activities comprise:

  • Neuroelectronic stimulation and recording devices
  • Printed electronics for soft and flexible sensor development
  • 3D-printed microfluidics for on-chip cell-network models
  • Electrochemical biosensor arrays
  • Nano-electrochemical interfaces, devices, and techniques

Sounds interesting?

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