We organized the joint Agora Symposium between NEL and NTT Research. We invited more than 40 researchers from all over the world and had a fruitful discussion.

On August 27 - 30, together with Professor Bernhard Wolfrum our PhD students Marta Nikić, Beatrice De Chiara, Sebastian Freko and Hu Peng attended the 4th European BioSensor Symposium in Aachen hosted by University of Applied Sciences, FH Aachen. We enjoyed the enriching tutorial talks by academic…

NEL Group hike

We are not only active in the lab but also outdoor - On the 20th of August, we had a beautiful group hike from Schliersee to Tegernsee with amazing views from the Gindelalmschneid. Looking forward to the next hike!

The WARR Space Labs team from the Technical University of Munich is conducting an experiment called ADDONISS on the International Space Station (ISS) to learn more about degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer's. Two cultures of brain cells will be tested on the ISS, with one of them being…

Congratulations Nouran, Tetsu and everybody involved in our latest paper Looking forward to the cake! :)

Our latest paper on the detection silver nanoparticles using screen-printed MEAs is now published online. Congratulations Leroy, Lennart and everybody involved!

Congratulations Hu, Leroy, Lennart and everyone involved on your newest paper. Keep up the good work!

Our electrophysiological flagship electrodes, the Lucuff, has been published! Congratulations Lukas, Francisco and everyone involved!

Our latest article on chitosan-based electrodes is now online! Congratulations Daiki and Tetsuhiko!

Francisco’s 3D printed nerve cuff paper online! Congratulations to everyone involved and keep up the good work.