Congratulations Nouran, Tetsu and everybody involved in our latest paper Looking forward to the cake! :)

Our latest paper on the detection silver nanoparticles using screen-printed MEAs is now published online. Congratulations Leroy, Lennart and everybody involved!

Congratulations Hu, Leroy, Lennart and everyone involved on your newest paper. Keep up the good work!

Our electrophysiological flagship electrodes, the Lucuff, has been published! Congratulations Lukas, Francisco and everyone involved!

Our latest article on chitosan-based electrodes is now online! Congratulations Daiki and Tetsuhiko!

Francisco’s 3D printed nerve cuff paper online! Congratulations to everyone involved and keep up the good work.

Lennart’s paper on nanoparticles detection is now online! Furthermore, his art is the front cover of the current issue! Keep up the good work!

Our supplementary cover can be now found in the new issue of ACS Sensors!

Lukas’ paper on superabsorber polymers for 4D printing is now online! Congratulations to everyone for the hard work and we look forward to the cake.

On July 5 - 6, our PhD students Hu Peng, Inola Kopic and Lukas Hiendlmeier together with our Master students Daiki Ando, Izlen Erenoglu and Sebastian Freko attended the 13th International Workshop on Engineering of Functional Interfaces (EnFI22) hosted by Maastricht University in the Netherlands. We…