Lectures and Labs

Semiconductor Sensors

Lecturer (assistant)
  • Gabriele Schrag [L]
  • Gabriele Schrag [L]
  • Barbara Leikam
Duration4 SWS
TermWintersemester 2023/24
DatesSee TUMonline


- Introduction to technical and economical application fields of semiconductor sensors - Physical foundations of the material properties used in semiconductor sensors, short overview on specific technological process (micromachining) - Sensor principles and their concrete application to microsensors The following topics are specifically addressed: -Mechanical sensors (pressure, acceleration, angular rate), theory of elasticity, physical foundations of sensing effects (piezoresistive, piezoelectric, capacitive measurement principle) -Contact temperature sensors: thermoresistors, diodes, transistors and their operations principle -Radiation sensors: Bolometers, quantum detectors -Magnetic field sensors: Hall sensors, field plates, AMR sensors Optional: topics in the field of humidity sensing, smart sensor concepts and sensor systems


We recommend the successful participation in the following 4th semester module: - Festkörper-, Halbleiter- und Bauelementephysik The supplementary participation in Technical Mechanics is helpful.

Teaching and learning methods

The lecture will be given by - presentations with handouts, which are provided via Moodle - Supporting material and detailed physical derivations are developped directly at the black boards - Excercises with solutions are provided via Moodle

Recommended literature

Further reading: - W.Heywang; Sensorik, Springer Verlag, 1993 - J. Gardner: Microsensors, Wiley, 1994 - S. Senturia, Microsystem Design, Springer, 2001