Professorship of Microsensors and Actuators

Welcome to the website of the Professorship of Microsensors and Actuators!

Internet of Things, cyber physical systems, industry 4.0, smart sensors, autonomous sensors nodes, „green energy“ and e-mobility – these topics strongly correlated with challenges we are facing today have one thing in common: they rely on microstructured devices and systems.


Computer-aided design, development and optimization of microstructured devices and systems are more and more gaining in importance. This is realated to technologically mature fabrication methods, shrinking of feature sizes and growing demands on their functionality and their reliability and ruggedness during operation. In this context and together with partners from industry and research institutions, we are working on solutions in the fields of:

  • Design and optimization of novel sensor, actuator and microsystems concepts in various applications fields
  • Modeling methodologies for microstructured power devices, sensors, actuators, and microsystems
  • Reliability and robustness testing of high power devices and micromechatronic components
  • Experimental characterization, model validation, and parameter extraction for MEMS, NEMS, and semiconductor power devices

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