Equipment and Facilities

Measurement Setups

Measurement setup for MEMS characterization (based on White Light Interferometry)

  • White Light Interferometer
    • Type: Veeco WYKO NT 1100 DMEMS
    • Statical and dynamical topography measurements
  • Controlled pressure chamber
  • Impedance analyzer
  • Electrical actuation with high-voltage signal generator

Measurement setup for MEMS characterization (based on Laser Doppler Vibrometry)

  • Laser Doppler Vibromenter
    • Type: Polytec MSA-500
    • Dynamical measurements
  • Controlled pressure chamber
  • Electrical actiation with high-voltage signal generator
  • Mechanical acutation with piezo shaker

High temperature measurement setup

  • Characterization of semiconductor devices at high temperatures in vacuum

Optical measurement setup for the characterization of wide-bandgap semiconductors

  • Measurement setup for the electrothermical characterisation of SiC components
  • Vibration damped optical table
  • Varius laser sources
  • Measurement equipment: current pulser, oscilloscopes, semiconductor detectors

Software und HPC

The chair has a powerful computer network in which the following software packages, among others, are available to the users:

  • Matlab
  • Comsol
  • Ansys
  • MEMS+
  • Synopsis
  • Cadence