Lab Course on Component Characterization in Micro- and Power Electronics

Place Bld. N1, 2. OG, Room N2159
Content The practical course is intended as a supplement to the lecture "Components of Micro- and Power Electronics" and therefore deals with the characterization of selected, typical semiconductor components of power electronics, microelectronics and sensor technology. By means of experiments, their operating behavior is to be investigated, and the measured characteristics are to be interpreted. The aim is to gain in-depth knowledge of the structure, functionality and underlying physical processes inside the components.

The following component types, among others, are being investigated:
  • Power MOSFET
  • IGBT
  • pin diodes
  • massflow sensors
  • solar cells
The lab course includes several measurement experiments which are carried out on separate measuring stations. Among others, measurements are performed on forward and reverse characteristics (quasistatic and pulsed) as a function of device temperature, on switching behavior when switching inductive loads, on the thermally safe operating area (T-SOA) of power devices, and on mass flow sensing by means of electrothermal hot-wire anemometry. In addition, an open source semiconductor device simulator is used to investigate the effects of technological parameters on the operating behavior of some devices and the processes inside them
Registration via TUMOnline
Participants minimum 4 to maximum 20 (2 person per group).
Materialien For the familiarization with the topics of the practical course we recommend the literature given in the module description. In preparation for the experiments, the materials handed out (scripts, descriptions of experiments) should be gone through in advance.
Exam The examination consists of a 30-minute oral examination and the submission of reports in which the experimental procedures, evaluations and results are described and discussed. One documentation must be handed in per group. The reports must be handed in at least 7 days before the oral examination. For the overall grade, one third of the documentation and the report will be taken into account. Two-thirds of the grade of the oral examination is included in the overall grade.
Prerequisite As a prerequisite for admission to the examination, regular participation in the internship is required. Reasons for being unable to attend must be notified in good time, and missed appointments must usually be made up. Please inform us in any case if you are prevented from attending, e.g. due to illness, also in the interest of your internship partner.