Lectures and Labs

Advanced seminar on "Electrophysical Problems in Microsystem Technology"

Lecturer (assistant)
  • Gabriele Schrag [L]
  • Gabriele Schrag [L]
  • Barbara Leikam
Duration3 SWS
TermWintersemester 2023/24
DatesSee TUMonline


The participants elaborate the contents of scientific publications on a chosen topics, prepare a written elaboration and present their findings in a presentation, which is critically analyzed in the subsequent discussion. Literature references will be given for the individual topics and there will be the opportunity to discuss arising difficulties with a supervisor. Together with the supervisor, a final discussion of the final documents should take place before the presentation. Possible subject areas include the physical and technical fundamentals of the fabrication, function, diagnostics and testing of modern semiconductor components or micro-structured components and systems, their modeling and predictive simulation (virtual prototyping on the computer) and their fields of application in practice.


Basic knowledge on semiconductor physics, semiconductor technology, and microsystem technology are of advantage, not a prerequisites.

Teaching and learning methods

The module participants work individually on a specialized task in independent individual work. They will be supported by a supervisor, i.e. they will be introduced to the topic at the beginning of their work, supported in the search for in-depth literature and given advice on how to familiarize themselves with the topic, its structure and processing, as well as on how to prepare the presentation and the written elaboration.

Recommended literature

A list of relevant literature fitting to the chosen seminar topic will be provided.