Modeling and simulation of 4H-SiC high power devices

Due to its advanced material properties, 4H-SiC power devices play an increasingly important role in the application of high power, high temperature and high frequency. As one of most successful SiC devices, the SiC MPS (Merged PiN Schottky) structures combine the advantages from PiN diodes and Schottky diodes, and concurrently suppress their disadvantages.   SiC MPS diodes can exhibit, at the same time, a low threshold voltage and a high surge current capability in forward direction as well as a high breakdown voltage and low leakage current in the reverse direction, and all of this at fast switching speed.

We offer a physical based analytical model (see Figure 1) to gain an intuitive understanding and insights for the mult-target optimization of SiC MPS diodes.

SiC devices are considered to have high robustness against cosmic radiation induced failures than Si devices. We offer high fidelity simulation techniques and numerical analysis for the reaction of SiC devices after the impact of a cosmic particle.