Scientific Career and Focus Areas

Prof. Ralf Brederlow‘s (*1970) research area are integrated CMOS circuit designs and intelligent sensor systems for the internet of things. For example, by deploying analog and digital integrated circuits small and simple sensors can be connected to more precise, versatile, but also more flexible sensor systems.

Ralf Brederlow has studied physics at University of Wuerzburg and TU Munich. He did his doctor in electrical engineering in a cooperative program between Siemens and the TU Berlin. In 1999 he joined Infineon as development engineer and project manager working on analog circuit- and microelectronic technology concepts. Since 2006 he was group lead and development manager at Texas Instruments, responsible for analog and digital circuit development for an ultra-low energy micro-controller product family (MSP430). In 2015 he took a lead in founding a branch of Texas Instruments research organization (Kilby Labs) in Freising. Here he developed new concepts for intelligent sensors and circuits for short-range communications (until 2019).