The focus on our research is on the design of integrated CMOS circuits for sensor systems: with concrete research projects on the integration of sensors, sensor system to sensor system, communication and methods of (artificial) intelligence for application oriented evaluation of raw data of complex sensor systems. Examples of this as well as a more deeply motivated tecnical background to our research topics can be found in the following sections:

Our research addresses medium- and long-term time horizons, which we mostly implement jointly with partners with the help of public and industrial financial support. The research cooperation with industrial and research oriented partners is often very helpful: only the combination of understanding of industrial manufacturing capabilities, of customer needs, but also different technical specialization fields can ensure good holistic research with a potential later commercial use of the developed system.

Often for research in integrated circuit design, the involvement of semiconductor industry partners is very helpful: Only industrial manufacturing, logistic and market enablement capabilities can ensure a broad adoption of such systems in future. We are working close to this ecosystem having established cooperation with major, locally present semiconductor companies.