We offer a broad range of topics for a Bachelor's and Master's Thesis. We ecourage you to pick a topic of interest below or propose your own idea and contact the corresponding Advisor and Prof. Jia Chen. If you are undecided or need help to figure out what topic matches your skills best contact Prof. Jia Chen  directly. Please attach a CV, your Transcript of Records (ToR), and your motivation for working on the topic.

Available topics at ESM

Thema/Topic Betreuer/Advisor
Urban Air Quality  
Atmospheric air quality chemistry Vigneshkumar Balamurugan
Detection of NOx by cavity attenuated phase shift spectroscopy  Xiao Bi
Urban Greenhouse Gases  
Urban biogenic flux observations in Munich Junwei Li
Data-based bottom-up emission modeling for urban landscapes Patrick Aigner, Daniel Kühbacher
Urban greenhouse gas monitoring network: data analysis / machine learning Patrick Aigner, Daniel KühbacherAndreas Luther
Atmospheric remote sensing Friedrich Klappenbach, Andreas Luther
Inverse- and Forward Modelling of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) Andreas Luther, Friedrich Klappenbach

Electronic system for high accuracy greenhouse gas measurement

Jun Zhang


Interdisciplinary Topics

IoT Software Engineering: Data pipeline Patrick Aigner, Daniel Kühbacher
Software Automation on Linux Clusters Patrick Aigner, Friedrich Klappenbach
Interdisciplinary applications of machine learning Adrian Wenzel, Ayah Abu Hani

Calibration model of low-cost air quality sensors using machine learning techniques 

Ayah Abu Hani

Atmospheric in-situ sensing Adrian Wenzel, Xiao Bi
Satellite / Space Observation  
Spatiotemporal Interpolation and Fusion of High-Resolution Satellite Data for Urban Area Junwei Li
Monitoring of Biosphere and Pedosphere using satellite data

Andreas Forstmaier

GHG emission estimation using satellite measurements Vigneshkumar Balamurugan