ICOS Cities PAUL (Pilot Application in Urban Landscapes)

Project description

Cities are emission hotspots and play an important role in emission reduction efforts. Observing and verifying greenhouse gas emissions from densely populated urban areas is essential. The EU-funded project PAUL (ICOS Cities) will develop and evaluate innovative greenhouse gas measurement technologies and observatories. The aim is to provide unique data sets feeding diverse models and scientific studies, while testing the feasibility of modelling approaches in various areas. Moreover, the project will help cities execute their climate action goals by providing data on fossil fuel emissions from urban areas. Pilots will be conducted in Munich, Paris and Zurich. For increased impact, 12 other European cities are included in the city network.

We will complement our existing MUCCNet high-precision sensor network in Munich with 20 mid-cost and 100 low-cost CO2 sensors. This provides exceptional spatial coverage of the urban area and an unprecedented opportunity to model urban emissions with a high spatial and temporal resolution. Furthermore, we develop bottom-up emission estimates for key-emitting sectors like power generation, heating and traffic. These so-called emission inventories are combined with national data to obtain a complete picture Munich's annual emissions.

Project details

Project duration: 2021 - 2025

Funding: European Commission - Horizon 2020 - Grant agreement ID: 101037319

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