MUCCnet - Munich Urban Carbon Column network

In September 2019, we established the world's first regional greenhouse gas sensor network based on differential column measurements. The Munich network is called MUCCnet (Munich Urban Carbon Column network) and  consists of five fully-automated and highly precise FTIR monitoring systems using the sun as light source, distributed in and around the city. It allows us to measure CO2, CH4, CO and NO2 column concentrations and quantify the emission trend throughout the years. The measurement data and modeling results can be viewed interactively on a separate webpage:

More information about the project (German Research Foundation, DFG) can be found in here.

MUCCnet is featured by numerous newspapers, TV and radio, e.g. Physics TodayBR Abendschau, DeutschlandfunkDie ZEIT, Süddeutsche Zeitung, die Welt, SAT.1

All stations are equipped with an FTIR spectrometer that is placed in our own developed patented automated weather-resistant housing. Its cover follows the movement of the sun and closes when it starts to rain to protect the optical and electronic components inside. Whenever it is sunny, the cover opens automatically and the system starts to measure. Our measurements started in August 2015.

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Visit of MUCCnet by Bavarian Minister President Dr. Söder

Assembling a portable enclosure for an atmospheric sensor system

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