Finished Master's Theses

Thema / Topic Author
A High-resolution Emission Inventory for the Heating Sector in Munich Michael Suhendra
Mapping of Acacia dealbata in Natura 2000 Areas using Sentinel 2 Imagery and Artificial Neural Networks Yue Gao 
Wildlife Animal Detection and Population Estimation Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Tim Neumann

Bottom-up traffic emission estimation in Munich Daniel Kühbacher
Development of a Raspberry Pi based NDIR in-situ measurement system with automated calibration for sensing urban CO2 Adrian Schmitt
Development and optimization of cavity attenuated phase-shift spectroscopy technique for measuring ambient nitrogen dioxide Dongliang Wang
Optimum Placement of in-situ Sensors on a Building Rooftop for the Measurement of GHG Concentration: a CFD Study Ling Zhu 
A comparative study of aircraft measurements and the simulations using the WRF-Chem

Wenjian Zhao

Development of a Low-cost and Portable Sensor for GHG Measurements

Pengjie Zhou

Development of a mobile measurement unit for air pollutants with measurement campaign in Munich Christina Schrei
Sparse Recovery Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Zanger Benjamin
Comparison of OCO-2 target observations to MUCCnet: Is it possible to capture urban XCO2 gradients from space? Rissmann Maximilian
SIFnet: A Convolutional Neural Network for Spatial Downscaling of Satellite-Based Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Gensheimer Johannes
Contextual Outlier Detection in Satellite Measurements Madl Johannes
Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Ratios from an Urban Column Network in Munich  Maduawan Justin

A new multi-site air pollutants prediction model based on ensemble deep learning and transfer learning algorithms

Cheng Xiangwei

Quantifying Carbon Dioxide Emission for Munich Using a Bayesian Inversion Model

Guo Xiaotian
Meteorological Data Analysis Song Xu Zheng 

Downscaling Tropomi SIF with artificial neural network

Chen Ziyi
Development of a Low Power Proximity Wake-up Module  Thekekkara Sebastian Thomas
Sensor development and measurement application of nitrogen dioxide using Cavity Attenuated Phase Shift Spectostrocopy Yin Shengjiong
Development of a Data Modeling Framework for Greenhouse Gas Emission Quantification Based on a Novel Atmospheric Dataset Nachtigall Nico
Big Data Analysis of Methane Emissions from the Oktoberfest 2019 KrämerKonstantin
Analyzing the Relationship between Sun-induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Gross Primary Production under Drought in Germany Böttcher Gregor
Inter-Annual Spatio-Temporal Interpolation of OCO-2 Satellite Measurements for Time-Series Dill Katharina
Compressive Sensing-based Greenhouse Gas Emission Estimate using Sensor Network in Munich Sun Man

Development of the automatic WRF-GHG modeling framework in Munich

Ma Chenhui

Kriging-based Mapping of Space-borne CO2 Measurements by Combining Emission Inventory and Atmospheric Transport Modelling

Li Jindun
Bayesian Inverse Modeling of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Munich Altmann Magdalena
Selection, Implementation and Charecterization of a MPPT Algorithm for a Direct Energy Transfer Nanosatellite Power System  Wenzel Adrian

Modelling the Greenhouse Gas Dispersion at Oktoberfest Using Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations

Lober Sebastian

Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Concentration Differences in Munich Based on Multiple Machine Learning Algorithms

Lu Dingcong

Greenhouse Gases Emission Data Analysis and Visualization according to Various Emission Inventories

Sun Hanyu

Evaluation of low-cost sensors for indoor air quality measurements in schools in Portugal

Forstmaier Andreas

VBDSD - A Vision-Based Direct Sunlight Detector and It’s Integration into Pyra

Analysis of Methane Emissions in Munich based on a STILT Model  Lyu Shaohua

Development of a low Energy NO2 Sensing Device

Zollitsch Daniel

Capturing the impact of 2018 European drought and heat on vegetation using oco-2’s solar-induced fluorescence data

Shekhar Ankit
Solar-Induced Fluorescence Patterns of the Amazon River Basin Vegetation during the El Niño 2014-2016 Drought Event Anthony Castro Rivera Antony
Assessment of Munich´s CO2 Emissions by using Column Concentrations, STILT Footprints and Global Emission Inventories  Yang Xiang

Prediction of CO2 Concentration of OCO-2 by Combining Emission Inventory Information

Parham Kouloubandi
Hardware Design and Testing of a VCSEL Laser Diode System Nguyen Martin
Bottom-up estimation of road traffic induced Nox, Coand PM10 emissions in Munich Campestrini Alex
Coupling of a UV/VIS spectrometer to a Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer for O3 and NO2  retrieval Miraglia Ernesto

Development of a Mobile Air Quality Monitoring Platform for Smart City Applications

Idzik Jakub
Theroretical and Experimental Characterization of the Transfer Behaviour of an Avalanche Photodiode-based Signal Chain with Respect to Linearity  Krecke Jan
Simulation of light scattering by spray water from vehicles Wang  Hongquan
Cavity Attenuated Phase Shift Spectoscropy for NO 2 Measurement  Bi Xiao
Development of a Portable Automated Enclosure for a Spectrometer and Measurement Campaign Concept Dietrich Florian
Treibhausgas-Konzentrationen in Berlin Vergleich von Messungen und Simulationen zum besseren Verständnis Zhao Shuyao
Development of an independent UAV payload electronics for real-time capable direct georeferencing of camera images involving gimbal orientation data Scharpf Jonas
Data Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Column Measurements in Munich Nouri Ahmad

Quatification of Carbon Dioxide and Methane Concentrations based on the Weather Research and Forecasting Greenhouse Gases (WRF-GHG) Model

Zhao Xinxu

New Method of Diesel Particulate Matter Estimation with NOX to BC Correlation

Luu Eva
Greenhouse Gas Simulations in Munich: Investigation of Wind Averaging Techniques for analysis of column measurements (XCO2) using CFD Pawa Diptesh

Development of a new method for power plant CO2 emission assessment from column measurements (XCO2) using computational fluid dynamics simulations

Gibbs Nathan
Assessment of the Differential Column Method for City and Point Source Emitter Measurement Wedrat Michael

Regional comparison of OCO-2, GOSAT and TCCON over urban metropolitan regions

Ruisinger Veronika
Impact of Molecular Absorption Spectoscropy Data on Methane Retrieval from SCIAMACHY and POSAT Shortwave Infrared Spectra Xu Haoran
Development of a Two Stage model for Sequential Raw and Tailpipe Emisssion Estimation Schmid Roland
Hardware Design for a TDLAS Measurement System Kumar Jagadeesh

Design and Simulation of Cavity Attenuated Phase Shift Spectroscopy for NOx Measurement 

Li Bowen
Data Analysis and Application of Compact Low-Resolution Fourier Transform Spectrometer Nguyen Duc Hai
Conception and Design of an Automated Enclosure for a Solar Tracking Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer Heinle Ludwig
Software Automation of EM27/SUN and Souce Map Creation for Munich Aigner Patrick
Development of a Daimler environmental standard: Worldwide applicable risk minimization requirements for handling emissions to air. Prevent-Control-Monitor Barreto Ramirez Ivonne Alexandra


Finished Bachelor's Theses

Thema / Topic Verfasser / Author

Quantifying greenhouse gases in Vienna based on ground-based remote sensing observations 

Gamal Ghaith

Automated IoT system health reporting for upcoming WebApp visualization for MUCCnet

Fatma Beny

Automating the Generation of Footprints Based on the STILT Model Using High-Performance Computing

Makowski Moritz
Validation and Application of OCO-2 Satellite Measurements (XCO2) Lochschmidt Severin
Implementing WRF-GHG using Docker Container Berkmann

Charakterisierung von Modellabwei- chung meteorologischer Modelle mit Windfeldern aus kommerziellen Flug- zeugdaten

Günzel Alp Sascha
Development of an optical system to measure nitrogen oxides Jäschke Joel-Philip

Utilization of the STILT model to visualize the footprint and trajectories of trace gases

Lang Emily
Implementing urban canopy into WR7-GUG a case study for Munich Zhang Xiaoyi
Modeling Urban Air Pollutant Dispersion in the Inner City of Munich Lüttich Alexandra

Optimizing a Python Software for Fully Automated Measurements of Urban Greenhouse

Gases Using Computer Vision Techniques

Hars Nikolas

Compressive Sensing & Sparse Modeling Application in GHG Emission Inversion

Farouk Amri
Konzeption und Analyse eines Mess-Setups zur Kalibrierung von elektrochemischen NO2Sensoren  Stojanov Marko

Application of OCO-2 satellite measurement to study drought in Australia

Shkurti Daniel

Mapping of Solar Induced Fluorescence (SIF) of OCO-2 using a Multivariate Kriging Approach

Dobler Franziska
Big Data Analysis to Investigate Methane Sources at Oktoberfest Winkler Dominik
Building A Toxic Gas Measurement Sensor Circuit Özbas Emre
Investigation of Low-Power Indoor Air Quality Sensors and their Integration in Embedded Systems with Wireless Communication  Mayer Alexander
Measurement of Illuminance for Cloud Information Pellegrino Stephan

Semantic kriging based prediction of Land Surface Temperature using CO2 Concentration

Swathiga Joselyn
Bottom Up Estimation of Road Traffic Carbon Dioxide Emissions on the Mittlerer Ring in Munich based on Traffic Sensor Data Hahne Helena
Data Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Measurements in Urban Area of Munich Sivaranjani
Urban Geometry Generilzation for CFD simulations of gas dispersion: Comparison with Gaussian plume Model Pregel Carla
Bottom up traffic CO2 emissions in Munich City center (Altstadt)  Bali Dora
Use of camera tracking for support of the analysis of column measurement (XCO2) data Lang David Jan Hendrik
Cavity Attenuated Phase-Shift Spectroscopy Forstmaier Andreas

Design and construction of a weather station and its data output

Valtl Jakob

Verification and Application of OCO-2 Satellite Measurements

Paetzold Johannes
Rasperry Pie Weather Station Teo Yi Xuan
Messungen und Analyse der atmosphärischen Säulenkonzentrationen von Treibhausgasen in München Duy-Long Le