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Master Thesis Topic: Development of a Microfluidic Setup for Biomolecule Separation in Urine

Posted on 11.03.2024

Looking for a highly motivated master’s student to join a cutting-edge project aimed at revolutionizing health monitoring through the development of a commercial urine sensor.


Master Thesis Topic: Design and fabrication of a microfluidic single-cell array platform

Co-supervised by: Dr. Janna Nawroth

Posted on: 25.01.2023

Many lung diseases are diagnosed by observing defective movements in ciliated cells. This procedure is time consuming and relies on the subjective opinion of highly trained experts, therefore preventing the unbiased assessment of disease severity and treatment success. To improve accuracy and enable statistical analysis of patient data, we are developing a microfluidic chip paired with automated image acquisition and analysis of ciliary kinematics that could become a point-of-care device in research and the clinic. We are looking for a highly motivated candidates for conducting a master thesis in our interdisciplinary team of engineers and biologists. The candidate will be designing, building, and testing a microfluidic device that will sort and position the cells for imaging. The candidate should be interested to design microfluidic device using a CAD software (e.g. AutoCAD), work in a clean room to fabricate, etc. A prior experience in the above is welcomed.

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Master Thesis Topic: Experimental observation and simulations of colloidal phase separation

Posted on 09.01.2024

Colloids are easily deformable soft matter that play important roles in biology, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, lubricants, and the food industry, to mention a few. One of the grand challenges in soft matter physics is the accurate description of the poorly understood colloidal phase transitions. This master thesis aims to experimentally and computationally investigate colloidal phase transitions. The project involves conducting detailed fluorescence microscopy experiments on colloid-polymer systems, focusing on the effects of different polymer and particle concentrations. Complementing these experiments, the thesis will also involve the validation of experimental results with advanced numerical models. These models will integrate multiple physical phenomena, including hydrodynamic interactions, gravitational sedimentation, thermal fluctuations, and diverse particle properties, to accurately represent colloidal system dynamics. This thesis requires rigorous data and image analysis to correlate experimental findings with simulation results. Previous laboratory and coding experiences in a related field would be very beneficial, as the project demands a blend of experimental skills and image-data analysis.

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Master thesis proposal - Active microfluidic flow sculpting

Posted on 19.12.2023

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