Prof. Dr. Ghulam Destgeer gives an Invited Talk at the NanoKorea 2022 Symposium

On July 7, 2022: Prof. Dr. Ghulam Destgeer gave an invited talk at the NanoKorea 2022 Symposium  and shared work on the "Lab on a Particle" technology. 

Celebrating our new 3D Printer

Let’s meet our new small yet very functional equipment, Phrozen mini 8K. Our new printer is able to fabricate tiny structures with high resolution. Ideally, it has 22µm x/y resolution and down to 10 µm z axis resolution which makes it possible to fabricate microchannels, master molds, co-flow devices, etc.

Presentation of our work at BioChip Berlin

10.05.2022: We presented our work at BioChip Berlin - International Forum on Biochips and Biochip solutions: "Fabrication of 3D amphiphilic shape-coded microparticles to spontaneously form uniform reaction volumes for amplified immunoassays".

Presentation of our work at the 2nd CNU-HYU Joint Symposium

25.01.2022: We were invited to present our work at the '2nd CNU-HYU Joint Symposium: 2022 International Joint Symposium on Convergence Technology of Mechanical Engineering (live virtual meeting), South Korea': "Lab on a particle: fabrication of amphiphilic shape-coded microparticles to hold uniform reaction volumes for bioassays"

Presentation of our work at KFUPM

27.09.2021: We were invited to present (virtual seminar) our work at Chemical Engineering Department, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM): 

"Lab on a Particle: Applications in Biomolecules Analysis and Chemical Reactions".

Prof. Dr. Destgeer giving an in introductory talk at TUM

13.11.2020: Prof. Dr. Destgeer gave an introductory talk about his research work at TranslaTUM: "From (Acousto)-Microfluidics to Lab-on-a-Particle".