Cavity-Assisted Non-Classical Light Generation (CNLG)

Acronym: CNLG
Title (EN): Cavity-Assisted Non-Classical Light Generation
Title (DE): Erzeugung von nichtklassischem Licht mittels Resonator Quantenelektrodynamik
Funding source: DFG-FWF
Duration: 1.11.2022 - 31.10.2025
Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Kai Müller (TUM)

Prof. Dr.-Ing Christian Jirauschek (TUM-CPH)
Prof. Dr. Kai Müller (TUM-QEC)
Dr. Gaby Slavecheva (U. Graz)


The goal of this collaborative project is to investigate cavity-assisted schemes for the generation of high-quality single photons, enabled by combining experimental techniques with novel theoretical and computational modelling methods.