6G and Quantum Technologies (6GQT)

Acronym: 6GQT
Title (DE):  6G und Quantentechnologie
Title (EN): 6G and Quantum Technologies
Funding source:  Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs (StMWi)
Duration: 1.2.2022 - 31.1.2026
Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Kai Müller (TUM)

Prof. Dr.-Ing Dr. rer. nat. Holger Boche (TUM-LTI)
Dr. Christian Deppe (TUM-LNT)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Kellerer (TUM-LKN)
Prof. Dr. Claudia Linhoff-Popien (LMU, Institute for Informatics)
Prof. Dr. Kai Müller (TUM-QEC)
Dr. Janis Nötzel (TUM-LTI)


The goal of this joint collaborative project between LMU and TUM is to expore synergies between 6G communication and quantum communication by bringing together strong expertise from both worlds. The scientific foundation for connecting the two fields will be established, e.g. in form of novel transfer methods and network protocols, and testbeds will re realized. This will lay the foundation for the future development of the Bavarian quantum communicatiion research and quantum communication industry.