Optomechatronical Measurement Systems

TermWintersemester 2022/23
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Principles of Optomechatronics, Interaction of Optics, Electronics and Mechanics, Optomechatronical Systems, Measurement Technology at Interfaces, Properties of Optical Radiation, Geometrical, Wave and Beam Optics, Laser Radiation and Gaussian Optics, Interference, Diffraction, Refraction, Speckles, Laser Scattering, Principles of Signal Processing, Correlation Analysis, Electronic Speckle Pattern Correlation ESPC, Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry ESPI, Thin Film Interferometry, Thin Film Stress Measurement, Detection of Interface Reactions, Optical Biochemical Sensors, Bio-optomechatronical Systems, Optical Transducers, Optomechanical Sensor Arrangements, Compact Environmental Sensor System, Ambient-sensitive Detection, Optical Waveguide Micro-Sensors, Fiber Temperature Probe, Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors, Optoacoustic Measurement Techniques.




Wed., 9:45-11.15, N0507
Prof. Dr.-Ing. A.W. Koch
Wed., 11.30 - 12.15, N0507
Franziska Brändle Dr.-Ing.