• OroraTech GmbH, founded in 2018 by M.Sc. Rupert Amann, M.Sc. Thomas Grübler, M.Sc. Björn Stoffers, and M.Sc. Florian Mauracher,
  • Blickfeld GmbH, founded in 2017 by Dr.-Ing. Mathias S. Müller, Dr. Sebastian Neusser, Dr. Florian Petit, and Rolf Wojtech,
  • Spectrolytic GmbH, founded in 2012 by Dr.-Ing. Benjamin R. Wiesent,
  • fos4X GmbH, founded in 2010 by Dr.-Ing. Thorbjörn C. Buck, Dr.-Ing. Lars Hoffmann,
    Dr.-Ing. Mathias S. Müller, and Dipl.-Inf. Rolf Wojtech.

    In 2020, PolyTech's acquisition of fos4X GmbH, which was successful for both companies,
    took place to enable PolyTech to better optimize and protect wind turbine rotor blades,
    In November 2022, the European Patent Office (EPO) has published the technology transfer case study "fos4X (measurement technology – Germany)" as a successful example.