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Since 1998 Alexander Walter Koch, age group 1958, manages the University Institute
for Measurement Systems and Sensor Technology.
Prof. Koch studied at the "Technical University of Munich" electrical engineering with a special focus
of "General Electrical Engineering and Electric Physics" and in 1988 he did a doctorate
at the University of Federal armed forces of Munich with a dissertation to the "Diagnostics of plasma Rays
by Means of Laser Litter Procedure".
In 1992 he was qualified as a professor for the field of "Electric Physics". In the same year he was appointed
on the extraordinary for measuring technology of the University of Saarland
and in 1996 he was appointed to the dean of the technical faculty there.
In the area of measuring system and sensor technology Alexander Koch holds numerous patents and particular,
he exerts himself for the transfer of research results in the practice.
The main research areas of Professor Koch are Opto-mechantronic Measuring Systems,
Laser Measurement Techniques, Fiberoptic Measurement Systems, Holographic Speckle-Interferometry,
Information Fusion, Infrared Spectroscopy, Environmental Measurement Systems,
Multi Sensor Systems and Medical Measurement Techniques.
In the focus of his work is the application of modern laser technology. In addition to the design,
the development and the lab demonstration of new laser sensors, research is conducted on the interaction
of coherent radiation and technical surfaces.
In this context, speckle holography procedures utilizing advanced picture
processing techniques are developed, aiming for versatile surfaces-measuring systems.
Reasearch results are presented in the lecture "Opto-Mechatronical Measurement Systems".
Furthermore, the offered lectures concentrate on Sensor Technology, Photonic Measurement Systems,
and Laser-based Measuring Techniques.
The courses are also frequently offered at the German Institute for Science and Technology
of the "Technical University of Munich", GIST-TUM ASIA in Singapore.

Important honorings

  • Honorary Doctorate of the Tajikistan Academy of Sciences Tajikistan (18.11.2011)
  • Honorary doctorate of the University of Technology of Iasi, Romania (2009)
  • Personally supporting member of the Max-Planck's society (1996)

Key publications

Koch, A.W.:
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- A Comprehensive Guide to Principles,
Practical Issues and Applications

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ISBN 978-3-031-15869-8 (print)
ISBN 978-3-031-15870-4 (eBook)

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