Optimization of detection on malathion using single strand DNA


  • Detection of small molecules can be challenging. One of the methods to detect them is using aptamers, which are artificially synthesized single strands of DNA, selected specifically for detection of a certain analyte
  • This project aims to examine detection of malathion using malathion aptamer

Aim & Research Methods

Your task is to…

  • Fabricate test electrodes (on flexible or rigid substrate)
  • Incubate aptamers on the electrodes with or without filling molecules
  • Characterize binding affinity using SPR
  • Explore detection of malathion via electrochemical methods

You will be introduced in an interdisciplinary working environment and will learn the following techniques:

  • techniques for rapid prototyping such as laser-patterning
  • electrochemical characterization of functionalized electrodes using potentiostat
  • experimental design
  • use of micropipetting robot
  • Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy, Surface plasmon resonance


  • dedication and motivation to work on an interdisciplinary research topic self-reliantly
  • wet-lab experience
  • preferable knowledge in chemistry and electrochemistry and experience with aptamers

Possible starting date & further information

Potential starting date is February/March. For further details and application contact Marta Nikic (marta.nikic@tum.de)

Additional information


Munich Institute of Biomedical Engineering
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Boltzmannstr. 11
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