Datum Vortragende/r Themen
17.04.2024 Franziska Brändle Previous scientific work/ background information
08.05.2024 Philipp Möhrle Will be announced soon.
15.05.2024 Til Friebe Force-Feedback-controlled piezoelectric MEMS-microphones
22.05.2024 Aleksander Bajt First generation ASIC for interfacing PMUT as a resonating element
29.05.2024 Ekin-Alp Bicer Will be announced soon.
19.06.2024 Ferdinand Schiller Next-generation piezoelectric MEMS microphones

Christian Görner Tenorio 

Modelling of Thermoviscous Losses in Back Enclosures Using Fluidic Transmissions Lines

03.07.2024 Friderike Michael

Simulation of Damping Effects in Irregularly Perforated MEMS Devices by Physical Compact Modeling

17.07.2024 Jiapeng Xu Will be announced soon.
24.07.2024 Barbara Leikam Design Studies and Optimization of Acoustic Pressure in Acoustofluidic Cell Manipulation Platforms
31.07.2024 Nadine Philippin Electrohydrodynamic High-Precision Printing: Latest Results and Developments
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