2022.07.09 - RMN group visited Deutsches Museum

On July 9, we went for a pleasant tour of Deutsches Museum. While enjoying the exhibitions we created our new lab logo, thanks to Mike Kramler in TUM lab. In-between we gladly found an exhibited microswimmer robot, as shown in the photo. It was a wonderful experience and we would like to thank Philipp for organizing such a valuable group trip.

2022.05.27 - Group event

We gladly had our first group dinner with all RMN members in Munich!

2022.04.06 - Berna published a new paper

Congratulations to Berna on her new publication in the journal of Lab on a Chip! In this paper, she presented a new cell culture technology for large-scale mechanobiology studies capable of generating and applying optically controlled uniform compression on single cells in 3D.

Link to the paper: