In our group we offer a broad range of final theses to motivated students.
If you are interested in doing a BSc / MSc thesis or internship, take a look at our Research Projects and current Thesis Offers as below and don’t hesitate to contact us to ask for a thesis topic in your field of interest.

Completed Theses

  • Extension and Optimization of the mbsolve SimulationSoftware
    BA/MA: dated 07/2020, Supervisor: Christian Jirauschek, Michael Riesch.
  • Implementation of a Parallel Multilevel Maxwell-Bloch Solver
    MA: dated     /2018,, Supervisor: Christian Jirauschek, Michael Riesch.
  • Development and Evaluation of Numerical Schemes for the Maxwell-Bloch Equations
    MA: dated 03/2018, Supervisor: Christian Jirauschek, Michael Riesch
  • Quantum Mechanical Modeling of the Dissipative Josephson Parametric Amplifier
    MA: dated 03/2017, Supervisor: Christian Jirauschek.
  • Efficient Simulation of Active Mode-Locking in Quantum Cascade Lasers
    MA: dated 04/2016, Supervisor: Christian Jirauschek.
  • Mesh Processing of Comlex Morphologies in Solar Cells for Finite Element Simulation
    MA: dated 12/2015, Supervisor: Christian Jirauschek.
  • Modelling and Simulation of THz Quantum Cascade Lasers Based on Difference Frequency Generation
    MA: dated 11/2015, Supervisor: Christian Jirauschek.
  • Temperature performance investigation in quantum cascade lasers
    BA: dated 09/2015, Supervisor: Christian Jirauschek.
  • Modeling of fiber based master oscillator power amplifiers
    BA: dated 10/2015, Supervisor: Christian Jirauschek.

MA: Master Thesis, BA: Bachelor Thesis, DA: Diploma Thesis,
FP: Forschungspraxis, IP: Ingenieurpraxis