TUM is no. 1 globally in innovation developments by the "Impact Ranking" of Times Higher Education in industry, innovation and infrastructure.

The ranking includes research, as well as patents, start-ups and joint cooperation with enterprises.

The efficiency of universities in different categories, which are adept at global sustainability aims of the United Nations, is examined by the british magazine "Times Higher Education" for „THE Impact Ranking“.

The ranking examines the number of scientific publications in areas, which are emminent for sustainably effects of innovations. Eg. energy, industry 4.0, smart cities and 3D printing. Which concerns the areas of industry, innovation and infrastructure.

Further focus is put on

  • how often scientific publications are cited in patents
  • how many start-ups are launched
  • and how many 3rd party research projects in universities are financed by the industry

Globally, TUM achieves top points, together with the University of Brisith Columbia, the University of Toronto and the TU Delft.

The Imperial College London (rank 16) and the École Polytechnique (rank 44) are within the top 100 and important partners of TUM.

The internationally excellent performance of TUM is also regularly examined in other rankings.

TUM presently ranks no. 12 globally in the „Global University Employability Ranking“. For enterprises the ranking explores the quality of graduates.

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