Lab Course – Molecular and Cellular Diagnostics


Hematology: Manual as well as automated analysis of the complete blood count with particular focus on the differentiation of white blood cells;

Flow cytometry: explanation of the technical background as well as application of the fluorescence-based technology;

technology and applications of microfluidic systems and automated workflows;

preparation of primary cell and tissue samples, separation of selected cell types, functional cell analytics with fluorimetric or luminometric methods;

Workflow of molecular biological analysis: Methods of handling nucleic acids, DNA extraction from blood, PCR and gel electrophoresis;

basics of statistical design of experiments and data evaluation;

Format Lecture with exercises
Language German/English

Dr. Mathias Reisbeck, Dr. Martin Brischwein, Christian Klenk, Leo Daum

Credits 5 ECTS
Semester WiSe/SoSe
Time Kickoff: Wednesday 19.04.2023, 16:30 - 17:15 (Attendance is a prerequisite for participation)
Place Kickoff: TranslaTUM, seminar room ground floor (22.00.44), Einsteinstraße 25

In a written 60 min exam the students prove by solving tasks and answering questions, that they are able to apply the treated technologies and methods of in vitro diagnostics, to analyse the obtained data appropriately with statistical methods and to assess critically the scope and limitations of in vitro diagnostics. In the written exam, no auxiliary means are allowed.
The ability for writing scientific protocols will be examined by the delivery of written protocols about the experimental work.
In the context of group and individual contributions, the ability to present and discuss solution strategies and results will be assessed.
The final grading is composed of the following elements:

50% written exam / 25% written protocols / 25% oral contribution