In-Vitro Diagnostics (In-Vitro Diagnostik) Modulkennung/ID: EI71032 LV-Nr. (VO): 0000004939 LV-Nr. (UE): 0000004505

Content Basics of in vitro diagnostics
• role in the health care system,
• evaluation of test performance,
• admission and regulatory affairs,
• automation and throughput,
• handling of health-related personal data

Sample materials:
• Preparation,
• preanalytics;
• immunoassays,
• antibodies and antibody - analoga;
• basics of cellular immunobiology and tumor biology;
• selected methods of molecular biology, molecular diagnostics and biomarkers;
• cell analytics with optical and electrochemical methods;
• Flow Cytometry;

Methods of cell separation:
• acoustophoresis,
• magnetophoresis;
• digital holographic microscopy;
• basics of statistical data evaluation;
Format Lecture with excercises
Language German/English

Prof. Dr. Oliver Hayden & staff

Credits 5 ECTS
Semester WiSe/SoSe

Tuesday 15:00 - 17:15 Uhr

Kickoff: 17.10.2023

Place Theresienstraße 90 / N3, Lecture Hall N0314 / and/or zoom

In a written 60 min exam the students prove by solving tasks and answering questions, that they are able to correctly interpret the relationship between differentiated pathological health conditions and diagnostic parameters and data and to structure and analyse the construction principles and development processes of diagnostic analytics. In the exam no auxiliary means are allowed. In the exercise the students prove their ability to analyse and discuss selected, published methods and results to problems of in vitro diagnostics. This learning achievement will be demonstrated by a presentation about a case study or scientific paper examined in homework.

The final grading is composed of the following elements: 80% written exam / 20% presentation