Biomedical Engineering – Diagnostics and Clinical Correlations / Modulkennung/ID: CIT3430000:

Content On the basis of selected, clinically relevant, pathological health conditions those technologies from in vitro diagnostics will be discussed in detail that contribute to the identification of diseases and guide therapeutic decisions. Thus, engineering aspects such as hardware design and processing of results and data will be treated on a background of the respective clinical settings and requirements. Typical limitations and problems of diagnostics will be discussed.
Format Lecture with excercises
Language German/English

Prof. Dr. Oliver Hayden

Credits 5 ECTS
Semester WS

Friday 13:15 - 16:30 Uhr

Kickoff: 20.10.2023, 13:15 Uhr

Place TranslaTUM, Einsteinstrasse 25, Auditorium small part (left door), 22.00.1
Examination In a written 90 min exam the students prove by solving tasks and answering questions, that they are able to correctly interpret the relationship between differentiated pathological health conditions and diagnostic parameters and data and to structure and analyse the construction principles and development processes of diagnostic analytics. In the exam no auxiliary means are allowed. In the exercise the students prove their ability to analyse and discuss the scope, limitations and problems of diagnostic methods with reon the basis of selected case studies. The grading will be based on a presentation to such a case study or published work examined in homework. The final grading is composed of the following elements: 80% written exam / 20% presentation