Biomedical Electronics (Seminar Biomedizinische Elektronik) Modulkennung/ID: EI7755 LV-Nr.: 0000004948


Selected focus topics from Biomedical Devices and Electronics, e.g.
• flow cytometry,
• DNA sequencing,
• biomarker-based in vitro diagnostics,
• diagnostic workflow automation,
• biomedical sensing technologies,
• imaging,
• data processing,
• active medical implants,
• magnetic and electric fields in therapy.

The participants will get immersed into the state of art and in current research and development projects. The students will give presentations about the selected topics. The preparation of these presentations will be guided in regular tutorials. Style, formal aspects and contents of the presentations will be discussed in detail.

Format Seminar
Language German/English

Prof. Dr. Oliver Hayden & staff

Credits 5 ECTS
Semester WiSe/SoSe

Kickoff: 17.04.2023, 17:00 - 18:00 Uhr

Block course for presentations

Place Kickoff: TranslaTUM, Einsteinstraße 25, Seminar room, ground floor, SR 22.00.44
Examination Oral exam: 20-30 min presentation of the chosen topic and discussion (100%). The rating will be based on the communicated expertise in the topic, form and style of presentation, active and competent participation in the scientific discussions.